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In the hectic lives of tax and accounting professionals, it feels like everyone's selling the next “big thing” to revolutionize your practice. But how often have you invested in this so-called “game-changing advice” only to be left with a gaping hole in your wallet and a heap of disappointment? Too often, right?

Here's a thought: What if you could get groundbreaking, “been there, done that” insights, strategies, and real talk on tech, AI, marketing, and practice management without spending a dime?

Welcome to The Growth Minded Accountant Podcast – your go-to resource where we cut through the noise and help drive your practice forward.

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The Growth Minded Accountant

Hosted by CountingWorks PRO, the Growth Minded Accountant podcast is centered around both old school and modern accountants wanting to modernize their practices and hone in their digital marketing skills. Decades of trial and error has led us to start this podcast and share stories, tips, best practices and MORE.

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