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with Digital Efficiency

Let our platform handle the strain of manual processes, freeing you to focus on delivering exceptional tax and accounting services.

Goodbye Manual Processes, Hello Digital Ease

Transform your client intake process with our suite of digital solutions, designed specifically for tax and accounting professionals. From engagement letters to customized intake forms and detailed questionnaires, CountingWorks PRO makes it easy to digitize and automate the steps your practice takes to prepare for client engagements. Ditch tedious manual entry and paper-based processes that slow you down, and take advantage of our streamlined, digital approach.

Custom Intake Solutions Your Clients Will Love

Our digital intake processes are not just about saving you time—they’re about enhancing the client experience from end to end. Clients can complete essential documents at their convenience, from eSign of engagement letters to completing detailed intake forms, all before stepping into your office. This self-service approach empowers your clients to take their finances into their own hands and demonstrates your commitment to using technology to make their lives easier.

Reap the Benefits of a Digital Workflow

The real power of digital client intake lies in the efficiency it brings to your practice. By shifting the initial data entry work to clients, you ensure accuracy straight from the source and free your time to focus on providing better service to your clients. This seamless technological integration into your practice not only speeds up the intake process but also significantly reduces the opportunity for manual errors.

Streamlined Processes for a Competitive Edge

In today's fast-paced world, offering digital intake options positions your practice as modern, efficient, and client-focused. This is what customers want when they are looking for a new tax and accounting professional. By simplifying the preliminary steps of your client engagements, you're improving your operational efficiency while also enhancing client satisfaction.

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