Simplify Proposals and Payments:
Accelerate Your Workflow

Effortless Proposal Creation

Say goodbye to the hassle of drafting proposals from scratch. With CountingWorks PRO's AI Co-Pilot system, generating custom proposals for each client and service type is a breeze. Our platform can craft accurate, professional proposals in moments, saving you valuable time and ensuring consistency across your client engagements.

Seamless Payment Processing

Getting paid should be simple. Our platform makes it easier than ever to collect payments, whether it's for packages offered on your website or individual services. Provide clients with secure payment links or integrate payment processing directly into your proposals. With streamlined payment options, you'll get paid faster, improving cash flow for your practice.

Automate Your Workflow

Take your client engagements to the next level with automated workflows. Utilize workflow triggers to sequence tasks seamlessly, from sending engagement letters and intake forms to organizing tasks on Kanban boards and launching email campaigns. With our intuitive ClientHub dashboard, you can automate repetitive tasks and focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients.

Enhance Efficiency and Client Experience

By streamlining proposal creation, payment processing, and workflow automation, our platform empowers you to work more efficiently and provide a superior client experience. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time delivering value to your clients. With our intuitive tools and seamless integrations, managing client engagements has never been easier.

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Simplify your processes, accelerate your workflow, and delight your clients with seamless engagements from start to finish.

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