Why CountingWorks PRO?
The Premier Choice for Tax and Accounting Professionals

At CountingWorks PRO, we understand your world because we're part of it.
We've lived the long nights, the endless multitasking, and the constant demands of running a small to mid-sized accounting practice. Our platform is designed as both a tool and a solution, developed from decades of firsthand experience in the tax and accounting industry.

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Client Portal and Management
Pre-made Email Campaigns and Proposals

We Get You

First and foremost, we are tax and accounting professionals – just like you. We know the challenges and rewards of the industry. Unlike competitors driven by venture capital pressures, our focus is squarely on how to better serve you and your clients. With features ranging from an easy-to-use e-sign portal to an all-in-one dashboard for managing websites, landing pages, and more, the CountingWorks PRO team is dedicated to continuous innovation. We know your pain points, and we’re here to solve them.

Meet Our Founders and Board

At CountingWorks, our leadership team brings a wealth of expertise from the tax and accounting industry to guide our platform into the future.

Lee Reams II

Tech and Marketing Guru
Lee Reams II combines tech savvy with marketing expertise to provide insights into how AI will revolutionize firm operations. With years of experience, he guides our team in harnessing technology for optimal practice performance.

Lee T. Reams, Sr

Tax Expert Extraordinaire
With decades of experience, Lee Reams Sr is one of the most seasoned tax professionals and analysts in the business. He has educated tens of thousands of professionals and fostered their growth through our online forum.

Therese Tucker

Visionary Software Developer
Therese Tucker, the founder and CEO of BlackLine, a leading accounting automation platform, brings her visionary leadership to CountingWorks PRO. Her entrepreneurial spirit drives our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Empowering Your Practice

Inspired by this entrepreneurial spirit, CountingWorks is dedicated to helping your practice thrive. With our founders' expertise and vision, we're committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower your firm's success.

Digital Solutions for the 21st Century 

Our platform is a testament to our commitment to your success. We offer digital solutions designed for the 21st century, streamlining tasks and processes, potentially saving you thousands of hours a year. With CountingWorks PRO, all the tools you need to run a thriving practice are at your fingertips.

More Than Software

Forget juggling multiple, disconnected tools. CountingWorks PRO integrates every aspect of client engagement and practice growth, making each step—from attracting new clients to delivering ongoing services year-round—effortless and efficient. 

We know that the tax and accounting industry has changed significantly recently, particularly with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. That's why our platform goes beyond just managing your current workload. It's designed to help your practice grow by attracting the right clients, improving your online visibility, and giving you access to the latest technological advancements to keep your practice ahead of the curve.

Unmatched Expertise

CountingWorks PRO is built on a foundation of expertise in both the technology and tax and accounting fields. Our onboarding process and ongoing support options are designed specifically for independent tax and accounting professionals, ensuring you have access to the tech support and marketing guidance you need to achieve your goals.

Modernizing Client Experiences

In today's digital age, your clients expect accessibility, convenience, and personalization. CountingWorks PRO brings the modern digital experience to your clients at every touchpoint, fostering stronger relationships, enhancing client retention, and encouraging referrals.

Streamlined Workflows for Peak Efficiency

Our integrated workflow solutions are designed to eliminate manual tasks and reduce administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on what you do best: advising and serving your clients. We believe in the transformative power of automation, continually introducing new features such as our proprietary AI model and our intuitive Kanban-style workflow system.

Choose Countingworks PRO, Where Your Success Is Our Business

Discover how CountingWorks PRO can transform your practice, streamline your operations, and elevate your client relationships. Join us at the forefront of the tax and accounting industry's digital evolution and secure your practice's future success.

We are trusted by over 8,000 CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and Tax Professionals

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