Retain & Upsell Existing Clients

At CountingWorks PRO, we believe your existing clients represent your biggest money-making opportunity. By upselling current clients to high-value services, such as virtual CFO plans and corporate tax planning packages, you can earn more and work less—all while establishing your tax and accounting practice as an authority in your area.

Your Newsletter Matters (and Ours Beats the Competition)

The key to a positive return on investment with our platform begins with your current clients. Happy clients not only drive more referrals but also tend to invest more in your services and remain loyal for longer durations. Your monthly client newsletter is at the core of a successful tax and accounting client retention program—and ours stands out among the rest.

With over 15 curated articles per month, all of which are automatically published to your blog and shared on social media, our newsletters are beloved by clients and often referenced in five-star reviews. They engage your clients year-round as well as drive business and instill a sense of value.

Quality Content for Client Engagement

Our content is carefully researched, fact-checked, and proofread. We also include high-quality professional images to make a lasting impact. Whether you prefer to write your own content, seek assistance from our AI Co-Pilot, or let our newsletter run on autopilot, the process is seamless.

Drive Immediate Results with Upsell Campaigns

Looking to grow internally? Our upsell campaigns are designed to drive immediate results by encouraging clients to upgrade their services. Imagine converting a tax preparation client into a lucrative year-round tax planning subscriber or encouraging business owners who already trust you with their bookkeeping to subscribe to virtual CFO plans. Just one successful upgrade can pay for your CountingWorks PRO subscription for years to come.

Our team of experts specializes in writing compelling ad copy and creating effective upsell campaigns. These campaigns include a series of emails, white papers, and landing pages designed to drive conversions and maximize client value.

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