How CountingWorks PRO Works

At CountingWorks PRO, we improve the client experience from end to end, giving your tax and accounting practice the edge you need in today’s competitive market. Our comprehensive platform combines multiple services into a single dashboard. No more juggling eight different software products—plus, you’ll save money.

At CountingWorks PRO, we will help you...

Here's how it works:



Make it easier for prospects to find your tax and accounting firm:

  • Rank higher on search results
  • Optimize online profiles on directories and platforms like Google
  • Develop an intuitive, mobile-responsive website
  • Get highly visible ratings and reviews



Transform leads into clients:

  • Attract more clients to your firm using landing pages, upsell campaigns, and other tools
  • Retain clients in your niche for years, and develop long-term professional relationships that could lead to referrals



Enhance client interactions:

  • Digital onboarding and engagement tools make the process simple for tax professionals, accountants, staff, and clients
  • Monthly newsletters and self-serve email campaigns



Foster client loyalty:

  • Save time on tedious tasks like writing blog articles, posting on social media, and requesting reviews with our automation features
  • Streamline marketing, website management, and client communication within one dashboard



Build lasting client relationships:

  • Improve client retention by providing a modern user experience that allows people to interact with you no matter where they are
  • Increase the odds that satisfied clients will give you referrals, expanding your client base organically through word-of-mouth marketing
  • Easily follow-up with all client questions and interactions, reminding them of your value through timely advice, updates, and check-ins
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By bringing technology and convenience to every step of the client journey, CountingWorks PRO empowers your accounting firm to take control while saving time and money. Discover the only complete practice growth platform in the tax and accounting industry.

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