A Firm Worth Growing

In this insightful episode, Rick shares his unique journey—from building a firm with only $20 in savings to managing a staggering half a billion dollars in his current RIA. His book delves into 30 essential lessons for professional service business owners, covering topics from branding to increasing referrals through professional networks.

Here's a glimpse of the engaging topics we explore with Rick:

Topic 1: Company Culture and Business Growth

Defining "company culture" in the context of building a professional firm.

How a strong company culture contributes to firm growth and success.

Topic 2: Trust Compression and Edification

Understanding "Trust Compression" and its significance in business relationships.

The role of "edification" in growing both a company and professional networks.

Topic 3: Challenges to Growth for Professional Advice Firms

Common challenges that professional advice firms face in achieving growth.

Strategies to overcome challenges for sustainable and meaningful growth.

Topic 4: Good Growth vs. Bad Growth

Distinguishing good growth from bad growth in professional firms.

Advice for navigating the complexities of growth for service business owners.

Topic 5: The National Referral Network

Unique aspects of the National Referral Network and its benefits for professionals.

How professionals can leverage participation in such a network.

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The National Referral Network

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