Accounting & Tax Firms are Drowning in Manual Work

Building, growing, and running an accounting or tax firm right now is tough. Clients projects feel scattered, things slip through the cracks, and a lot of the time you feel stressed if not overwhelmed.When you combine it with remote work it gets especially challenging. Your email inbox is chaos, you're still trying to get that blog going, you didn't get to send out a client newsletter last month to keep them informed, you chase down invoices, and have to spend time creating the same proposal over and over again, and don't even get started on the last time you were able to update your website.

Enough is enough.

This isn't why you started to build your own firm.

Accounting and tax firms use CountingWorks PRO to build, grow, and run a better firm by automating their marketing and other low-value work to drive better client experiences and business outcomes.

With CountingWorks PRO you'll take marketing off your plate so you don't have to worry about future growth, understand what you need to work on, and know exactly where everything is neatly organized by client. Your team and clients can access CountingWorks PRO from anywhere so that everyone is sync.

This is the digital and modern way to build your firm.

Eliminating the Manual & Technical Firm Tasks

From the first email, to every phone call, text message, and invoice. You need to make sure every impression you leave with a prospect and client is memorable and more personal to grow your firm. That's where CountingWorks PRO comes in.


Firm Growth
Client Marketing
Web Presence
Client Experience
Proposals & Intake

Digital Front Office

With CountingWorks PRO
You're in control
Always On
Updated regularly
Automated online
Researched, written, & automated
High-value advisory
Online portal, instant communication
Paid faster, automated, value-pricing

Traditional Model

Disjointed "Modern" Solutions
When you have time
You wait for referrals
Static brochure
Back and forth emails
Time consuming and expensive
Tax and seasonality
Phone & email, delayed communication
Chasing invoices and billable hours

Your journey to a digital firm starts here

Remove the headache of building, running, and growing an accounting or tax firm. No more pesky integrations, running multiple solutions, or finding time you don't have.


Prospects and referrals to come to your firm
On-going search engine optimization for higher Google rankings.
Fully automated content marketing and social media
Professionally designed website with maintenance and updates included


Prospects and referrals book a consultation on your website or chat bot.
Website optimized for conversions and meetings.
Conversion tools such as live chat and online calendar.
Pre-built email marketing campaigns that convert leads into clients.


Automated client satisfaction and client marketing campaigns
Reputation and review campaigns to increase referrals and client satisfaction.
Create niche or specialized service offerings for clients.
Pre-built client campaigns to return each


Retain more clients and increase revenue per client
Pre-built client marketing campaigns to increase client value
Automated greetings, thank you cards, birthday wishes, and more.
Integrated workflows that make it easy for clients to request new projects


Automate and streamline your front and back office to work even faster.
Proposals, engagement letters, and client intake get clients moving faster.
Online tasks and collaboration keep everyone in sync.
Full transparency with easy-to-understand progress bars and estimated due dates

Dont just take our word for it.

"I have been getting so many referrals… thank you everyone at CountingWorks PRO."
"You guys are amazing! Thank you for the services you provided. I hate doing this kind of stuff and I'm horrible at it. Hiring a marketing director is costly and not worth it, so believe me when I say that CountingWorks PRO is the best thing to sliced bread! You can quote me on that too!"
"I want to thank you again for making my website look great!"

One place not all over the place

One place to build, grow, and run your firm.

Ready to get rid of the manual firm tasks?