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Why Accountants Should Use Twitter to Promote Their Practice

December 4, 2015

You may have noticed this latest trend: Google is displaying Twitter posts on the first page of the search results. What this means for savvy tax pros is a new social marketing opportunity to get their brand in front of new prospects.

Google displays the Tweets on the main column of the organic search results. We are not sure how Google decides what to show, but testing shows that relevant content, hashtags and even the keywords you use in your Twitter @handle seem to drive the results — So how you name your Twitter account may effect your local search results. We know Google will work hard to find the tweets that offer the most value to their audience.

Twitter is a great tool for CPAs and tax accountants to share experience and knowledge. Now it seems to be a good tool to get leads as well.

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Lee Reams II

I am a marketing junkie who has spent the last 20 years developing and executing "best in class" word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. With over 10,000 happy clients I think we are on to something. The explosion in web marketing and social media have redefined the way independent professionals market their practices. Follow my blog to see if you can take some of our actionable ideas to market your own practice.

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