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ClientWhys Connect Tax Research Center – Clients Sound Off!

April 18, 2014

Free to all ClientWhys Seminar Attendees and Total Practice Members, ClientWhys Connect is an E-mail  Discussion Community where members post tax research questions  throughout the year. Members and ClientWhys Technical support team then provide feedback. It is truly a godsend to our small practices. Click here to learn more about ClientWhys Connect.  Hear what some of our users have to say.

“I can’t thank you enough!”

Charlie Kimball

“Thank you ClientWhys for sharing your experience and tax knowledge and thanks to everyone willing to make their respective posts that sometimes humble and remind me that I still have a lot to learn…..Best of luck to everyone on the forum.”

Elizabeth Ferreira

“ClientWhys I also thank you for having this discussion panel in place.  During those long evenings when my brain was fried, there you were along with all the panel. Thank you…thank you!”

Elizabeth S. Beard, EA

“This service is a lifeline for me as a single practitioner, so glad there was this opportunity!!”

David Kabachnick

“Thank you ClientWhys, you are truly the best!”

Jeri Lynn Bare

“Yes, thank you ClientWhys. I do not use this group much, mostly to see what other practitioners are dealing with, but for me it is really an ongoing learning center. Again, thanks to all of you.”

Jane Hawn

“Thank you ClientWhys for all your wisdom over the past tax seasons.  I have learned so much from this group.”

Denice Leon

I would just like to tell you Lee how invaluable you are to our profession. You continue to share with others your knowledge & experience so very generously. Thank you!!!!

Claudia K. Tolbert, EA

Amen to that! You are very, very, helpful and much appreciated.”

Bob Bobbe

Totally amazing and so appreciated!  You save us hours and hours of research!”

Peggy Hall

“The help you provide is nothing short of amazing. I’m actually new to this group and I’m completely amazed at the knowledge base here. Because of this group I don’t feel so isolated in my tax practice and have more confidence than prior years. I read the majority of the email threads posted and its such a great learning opportunity for me. 

Lee thank you so much for this group and your support. You’ve made this tax season so much better. 

The same goes to the entire group….thank you one and all!!”

Alan Schilt

“I’m also fairly new in my practice and work alone.  I really appreciate your help and everyone else’s responses to the questions.  I read almost all of them.  It’s a great learning tool. Thanks again for helping all of us.”

Albert S Johnson CPA

“Thank you all very much for your help…Special thanks to Lee…It’s so nice to have someone to ask a question of instead of going crazy by oneself…This group is such a blessing…”

Pat Stansbery

“This group is a huge blessing.  I especially appreciate the variety of interpretations that am IRS Pub won’t give you.  Thanks all!”

Aguayo Jaime

“I second that; Lee and this group is second to none!! Thank you for all your assistance with our questions!”

Juan Velasquez

“Thanks for the feedback from everyone, it is really a plus to be able to access others opinions for special situations, which is what makes this forum an invaluable tool. Thanks for setting this up Lee.”


“Thanks Lee.  So grateful for this site.


“Thank you Lee.  this has been a very stressful filing season and you have made it manageable.”

Harlow Dawson

“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here who contributed to making doing taxes a bit easier this year. And especially a big thank you to Lee. Your advice has been much appreciated. Thank you for providing this forum.”

Jim Jenks, CRTP

“Yes, Yes, Yes! Thanks to everyone, and especially the irreplaceable Lee.”

Salvatore Spano

“Thanks for all your help during this season…”

Pat Stansbury

“Yes, thanks again for your great assistance!”

Juan Velasquez

“I, too, need to express my appreciation.  This forum is a wonderful treasure! I’m very grateful. And, Lee, the amount of helpful info you provide is incredible!”

Best to all,

Eva B. Konigsberg, EA, MBA

“That’s one of the best breakdowns I’ve seen for a 1031 exchange.  I’m going to use it as a template if I ever have another one.”

Justin T. Irving

“Thanks Lee. The Big Book has the Place of Honor on our tax library bookshelf.”

Ken Adams

“I wish to thank all of you who responded to all my questions and concerns.  Also thanks to all your questions; some were very helpful.”

Harlow Dawson

“I have been in this group for sometime using great info for the Group/ Team. Thank you so much for your input – You’re a resource family I enjoy.”

Tim Hald CPA

“Now that the tax season is over (except for extensions), I will like to thank Lee and all others who posted questions and answers to this forum.   Knowing that I have access to this group reduces anxiety and stress from the tax season.   While I am not very active in posting, I have read and filed all topics.   As Mastercard commercial will say ‘this is priceless.'”

Hemant Shah

“I could not agree more.  The help I was given was invaluable.”

Pat Eure, EA

Author: Wendy Claypool

Pro advice, ideas, and information to help your practice get going and grow.

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