8 Ways to Make a Great First Impression to Tax & Accounting Prospects

Your tax and accounting practice needs to communicate clearly, utilize technology, & build your reputation (reviews) to attract more clients.

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8 Ways to Make a Great First Impression to Tax & Accounting Prospects

July 8, 2022
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Lee Reams
CEO | CountingWorks PRO

The copy you use, the content you share, and your initial offer can heavily influence how people engaging with your brand react. Is your tax and accounting firm communicating your value in a way that drives conversion? When it comes to attracting new clients, it is key to make a strong first impression from that first touchpoint – whether that be your website, phone, reviews, or even social media. The most common differentiator we see from our top-performing pros is that they understand the importance of showcasing their expertise and safeguarding their reputation online. In today's digital world, prospects are engaging with your brand online without you knowing it. It is this first impression that will drive a web visitor to contact you versus continuing their search. Here are some best practices for making a great first impression and keeping clients for life.

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1. Target a niche

When you try to be a generalist, you typically end up connecting with no one. Tax and accounting pros who develop deep expertise in one specific area understand prospecting and attracting new clients isn't a numbers game. It's quite the opposite.Bringing in a steady flow of qualified leads makes it easier for you to grow a practice that will work within your lifestyle. Gone are the days of taking any and every client: Focusing makes it easier to attract those that can most use your help and those for whom your expertise delivers the most value.

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2. Invest in well-written copy

To attract the right audience, you need the right message. One way to convey the right message is by spending time and resources to hire someone who can help you create headlines for your website that will qualify your visitors and well-crafted Calls-to-Action (CTAs) that convert them to leads.To attract the right audience, you need first to figure out who your audience is. Rather than guessing, you should find out why they need your product or service first. Develop copy that speaks to their pain points and explains how you will help them build a better financial outcome.

3. Keep your website visitors engaged

Just having good copy on your website isn't enough to keep your visitors engaged. An excellent way to show your expertise and pull your visitors further into your site is to provide additional value in the form of content. This could be in the form of podcasts, blog posts, interactive calculators, white papers, or industry reports.

4. Communicate frequently and effectively

Concise and easy-to-understand copy that communicates your value is the kind of content that inspires customers to convert. It's also vital to edit your content, so it communicates your unique value. If a particular item or page is stuffed with long text segments, readers are likely to skim right by it. Make sure you're often posting on your blog and promoting your newsletter! You should also share content on social media frequently.

5. Take the long view when building your reputation

No matter how much effort CPAs, EAs, and bookkeepers put into making their content perfect and their advertising gorgeous, client reviews are the most trusted online source. Unfortunately, many of these highly qualified professionals have no idea how to ask for a review or maintain and build their online reputations. Online reviews aren't just a research tool; they're a trust signal. When considering a CPA, EA, or bookkeeper, consumers check the online reputation of the practice first. What does your review profile say about you?

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6. Have a clear call-to-action

What is the purpose of your website? What do you want your visitors to do? If you can answer these questions, then people will take action. When visitors come to your site, you want them to do something specific. Do you want them to call? To request a consultation? To download a resource or sign up for something else? Good copy gets people to respond in the way that you want them to. A way to achieve this is to clearly define your niche.

7. Utilize technology across the board

Tools like E-Sign, video chats, digital workflows, and client portals are no longer just time-saving add-ons; they have become an integral part of the customer experience and are expected by your clients. Practices that are still behind the technology curve will lose out on new business. Your expertise is no longer the only trait savvy prospects use when comparing the options. Better yet, utilizing technology helps you spend more time providing advice to your clients versus wasting days on busy work.

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8. Learn to say no

Not all clients are right for you. Use free 15-30 minute discovery calls to get to know prospects, their personalities, their needs, and their budget. Only take on clients that you can support with your expertise. Nurture existing relationships to drive new revenue. Most importantly, keep control of your schedule versus allowing your schedule to control you. Survey after survey has ranked CPAs, EAs, and accounting pros as the most trusted advisor. Many factors keep accountants at #1: unbiased advice, intimate financial relationships, responsiveness, and much more. Starting off your relationships by utilizing the steps above will give you a much higher rate of success. Use these tools to leave your competitors in the dust as the digital age transforms the way successful firms prosper and grow. If you have questions about making a great first impression or growing your tax and accounting practice, we’re here to help! Contact us today at 1-800-442-2477 x3 or set up some time to speak with one of our digital marketing experts.Schedule a free demo of CountingWorks PRO.

Lee Reams
CEO | CountingWorks PRO

As the founder and CEO of CountingWorks, Inc, Lee is passionate about helping independent tax and accounting professionals compete in the modern age. From time-saving digital onboarding tools, world-class websites, and outbound marketing campaigns, lee has been developing best-in-class marketing solutions for over twenty years.

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