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Efficiency is key in the tax and accounting industry, and CountingWorks PRO is here to minimize your daily workload. Our system automates key operations, saving you valuable time and resources. By creating repeatable digital workflows that trigger additional processes, such as sending engagement letters, e-signing documents, or initiating intake forms, we simplify your front-desk workflow with one solution.

What We Do

Our platform makes it easy to automate your firm with less effort.


Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Workload

CountingWorks PRO is the first in our field to develop AI-powered automation features to assist tax and accounting professionals. From doing in-depth tax research to summarizing PDF documents uploaded into your ClientHub, our platform will change your life in the office. Say goodbye to manual tasks and tedious administration, and hello to streamlined operations and better practice performance than ever.

  • Centralized Platform: Access every client interaction and performance metric from one convenient dashboard.
  • Easy Access: Mobile-responsive design means you can access our platform from any device, even when you’re on the go.
  • Easily Prioritize: Quickly view highest-priority practice tasks without navigating to separate programs or apps.


Effective Resource Deployment

By minimizing day-to-day “busywork,” CountingWorks PRO helps you better utilize your resources. Free up front-desk staff to offer better client service, leading to happier, more invested staff and increased practice retention.

  • Staff Reallocation: Move staff to areas of greater need and maximize their potential.
  • Cost Savings: Achieve more with a smaller team, saving on hiring costs.


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We are trusted by over 8,000 CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and Tax Professionals

"The changes I have seen are great. I love that we can now push a password change for our clients. That is much better than the option before, praying that their email was secure and not hijacked. I also really like that the portal window shows our business name. Being generic before was a little awkward for some of our clients. Well done. Thank you for your hard work at making the technology grow with the times. Well done."

St. George, UT Tax Preparation

"You guys are amazing! Thank you for the services you provided. I hate doing this kind of stuff and I'm horrible at it. Hiring a marketing director is costly and not worth it, so believe me when I say that CountingWorks PRO is the best thing to sliced bread! You can quote me on that too!"

Celebration, FL Tax Accounting

"I must say that I am beyond impressed with CountingWorks PRO services, I truly wish I had found you sooner. I am extremely satisfied with your product and services; I truly believe that you have a visionary team and an exceptional package which sets you apart from the other CPA website providers out there. Keep up the great work!"

Boston, MA CPA
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Experience the difference in practice efficiency and performance with CountingWorks PRO. Simplify your operations, reduce administrative burdens, and retain clients at a higher rate. Discover how we can streamline your practice today.

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