CountingWorks PRO saves the average tax and accounting professional 2,400 hours per year.

Managing clients and engagements under pressure is challenging no matter how you slice it. Unfortunately, relying on numerous software products can overcomplicate things.
CountingWorks PRO is different.

Web Presence

Establish your brand at every step of the client lifecycle

Step 1 Upgrade your tax and accounting website

Save 4-8 hours per month in maintenance time with a personalized & responsive website.

With CountingWorks PRO:

  • Personalized design
  • Targeted copy
  • Strong calls to action
  • Super fast load speed
  • Easy to make changes
  • Strong use of reviews
  • Timely blog articles
  • Professional website will attract new staff

With Other Providers

  • Generic Images
  • Generic Copy
  • Slow site load time 
  • Clunky outdated design
  • Too many Calls to Action
  • Poor Results
  • Long wait time to make changes

Step 2 We help amplify your expertise and thought leadership with expertly written tax and accounting blog content

Save 30+ hours per month in planning, researching, writing, and proofing your content.

With CountingWorks PRO Blog content:

  • We consistently publish 15-20 high-authority blog articles per month
  • Timely subject matter
  • Diverse topics, strategies and content
  • Includes video content

Furthermore, we have: 

  • Expertly written and researched
  • Life events drive off-season consultations
  • Build additional traffic you and your website
  • Easily add custom articles
  • Save 30-40 hours of labor per month
  • Save on image licensing fees

With Other Providers

  • Often no blog or just a couple of old articles
  • Very little traffic
  • Competitors offer thin or poorly written content

Step 3 We provide a platform for you to establish and emphasize your Thought Leadership

Become the expert in your area of specialty that everyone turns to.

With CountingWorks PRO:

  • Exposure through industry leading community,
  • Publish your own blog articles
  • Millions of readers per month
  • Be quoted in our news article seen by millions
  • Valuable high quality inbound links
  • 5-star reviews displayed across website
  • Get PR opportunities to be featured in major publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and more.

With Other Providers

  • Brand lost deep in Google results
  • Hard to compete against high domain authority sites
  • Low traffic & Expertise Awareness
  • No reviews

Step 4 We streamline your client communication

CountingWorks marketing campaigns and newsletters enable you and your team to deliver the right content at the right time.

With CountingWorks PRO:

  • Done for you monthly email newsletter
  • Manage multiple newsletters under one dashboard
  • Client communication is done for you during busy season
  • Newsletters include current tax issues
  • Newsletter content triggers consultations
  • Customize your own message or send as-is,
  • Ready to send client marketing campaigns
  • Marketing on autopilot
  • High open and response rates
  • Messages for all occasions
  • Set up email series and SMS series
  • Tax and accounting focused copy and messages
  • Creative is done for you
  • Easy client segmentation

With Other Providers

  • Need to brainstorm, design, and write your own emails
  • Low open rates

Step 5 Increase your revenue from current clients while freeing up more of your time. Keep clients engaged for life.

Instead of waiting and competing on price only, take a more proactive approach to increase your value and reach out to your clients.

With CountingWorks PRO:

  • Get paid for the value you provide
  • High conversion copy
  • Automate payment and engagement letter in one sequence

Client Campaigns Library:

  • Segment client base and outbound campaigns
  • Automate client communication
  • Ad agency quality upsell campaigns

Step 6 Use Landing pages to connect with your target audience, collect leads, and close more engagements.

Niche and Target Marketing

With CountingWorks PRO:

  • Choose from over 60 niche landing pages to get inspired
  • Don’t see what you need? Request a custom landing page topic instead.
  • Manage multiple landing pages from one dashboard
  • Test new services and market offerings
  • Using landing page to recruit staff

With Other Providers

  • Expensive landing page software
  • Time consuming copywriting process
  • No lead magnets

Step 7 Increase the amount of exposure for your practice by consistently posting on your social media profiles.

With CountingWorks PRO:

  • Set it and forget it social media posting
  • Timely topics that trigger consultations
  • Control categories and topics
  • Self publishing tool
  • ~60 + messages per month
  • Technically accurate
  • Actionable content

With Traditional Methods

  • Separate software license to schedule posts
  • Time-consuming creative and brainstorming
  • Graphic design takes time and expense

Step 8 We optimize your Google Business Profile to drive inbound leads you didn’t know existed.

With CountingWorks PRO:

  • Profile design and SEO optimization
  • Daily posting to update profile feed
  • Campaigns to attract 5-star reviews
  • Multi location strategies and optimization

With Traditional Methods

  • Google profile collects dust
  • Low rankings
  • Reviews are few and far between

Step 9 We use best-in-class Search Engine Optimization strategies to get your practice ranking for years to come.

With CountingWorks PRO:

  • Directory & citation management
  • Full website meta review and optimization
  • Keyword tracking
  • Get Quoted backlinks
  • Dedicated SEO Manager
  • Custom Copy Packages
  • Custom Blog Outlines
  • Niche and target audience landing pages
  • White papers and educational lead funnels
  • Industry expertise and know how
  • Google Business Profile optimization
  • Apple Map optimization

With Other Providers

  • Standard SEO pricing packages range between $400-$900 per month
  • Comprehensive Local SEO services can be as much as $4-$10,000 per month

Step 10 Make it easier for prospects and clients to say yes.

With CountingWorks PRO:

  • Integrated website online scheduler
  • Sync your calendar with Google and Microsoft
  • Drive more appointment requests
  • Save labor with online scheduler
  • Video meetings built into dashboard, no extra charge

With Traditional Methods

  • Separate calendar and video meeting system
  • Separate software charges
  • Multi software systems to manage
  • Team is not coordinated

Step 11 Our lead nurturing campaigns will develop trust and reinforce relationships with prospects before they engage you.

With CountingWorks PRO:

  • Pre written and designed nurture campaigns
  • Landing page creation and management in one dashboard
  • Ad agency quality without the expense
  • Text message outreach

With Other Providers

  • Complex CRM software with long learning curve
  • Separate CRM monthly fee
  • Time consuming concept brainstorming
  • Copywriting and design expense
  • Photography license expense

Step 12Showcase your expertise and five-star reviews on the most heavily trafficked marketplace sites.

With CountingWorks PRO:

  • Build trust with prospects before they ever contact you
  • Rank higher in the search engines because of your 5-star reviews
  • Manage all your review profiles in one dashboard
  • Share reviews on your website
  • Your clients voice does the selling for you

With Traditional Methods

  • Even one 1-star review can stop someone from calling you
  • No transparency, reviews are not an asset

Step 13 We build and optimize funnels that will deliver pre sold clients.

With CountingWorks PRO:

  • We build and communicate your expertise and authority
  • We help create connections through copy, narrative, and digital assets
  • We make it so prospects are naturally drawn specifically to you. When you discover how to align your story with their emotional search for a solution, your client begins to tell themselves a success story… even before your program begins!
  • No more thinking that your competition is “better” than you are. 
  • No more long sales calls that never turn into sales.

Step 14 Now sit back and let our team do the heavy lifting, with complimentary website updates and training.

With CountingWorks PRO - Save 5 Hours a Month

  • Team of website designers here to make fast changes to maintain your website year round
  • Free photography and Illustrations
  • Fresh blog and video content updated on your website weekly
  • New reviews automatically added to your website
  • Analytics and reporting, newsletter, blogging, and social all in one place

With Other Providers

  • DIY can get complicated and time consuming
  • Freelancers are expensive and unreliable
  • Dated website that was launched and forgotten about
  • Multiple apps and expense

Compare to the Outsourcing Cost per Month

Task Hours Per Month Cost To Outsource
Weekly blog creation, writing, research, proofing and publishing 40 $5,000
Website Admin 8 $500
Email Newsletter Admin 8 $500
Social Media Posting Writing and Admin 50 $3500
Digital Engagement letters 4 $35
Proposals & Payments 4 $100+
Search Engine Optimization (Researching, implementing, tracking, updating) 60 $5000
Workflow mananagement 5 $20
Email Campaigns (writing, and designing) 20 $3000
Review monitoring and replying 1 $250
Total 200 hours / month $17,905 / month