Terry O’Neill EA LLC

“I would still be floundering if not for CountingWorks PRO. It's very difficult for a small business that specializes in taxes to stay busy year-round. That has now been achieved.”


Terry O’Neill EA LLC, based in Round Hill, Virginia, provides individual, business, and non-profit tax preparation with the personalization that software packages can’t. Along with tax preparation, he also specializes in tax planning, IRS tax problems help, and more. Terry’s firm is dedicated to keeping their tax preparation skills honed with continuing education courses throughout the year and they are highly qualified to prepare all federal tax returns for all fifty states. Utilizing CountingWorks PRO technology, Terry is able to work with his clients either onsite or virtually.

What was the challenge?

Terry knew that his skillset included tax prep, but not marketing – so he was looking for a solution to help him with that. “I had tried so many avenues of marketing that wasted most of my time and all of my money,” he said. “Because of this, I certainly had initial barriers when I first spoke with the CountingWorks PRO team – but my hesitations were unfounded and I’m forever grateful.”

Terry’s goal from the beginning was “to be number one in the local search results, for as wide of an area as possible” – but he wasn’t sure how to reach that goal from where he was starting out.

How did CountingWorks PRO help?

CountingWorks PRO has built a solid foundation for Terry’s online presence, through a SEO-dominating website, social media posting, an automated blog, increasing 5-star reviews, and much more.

Working with CountingWorks PRO also streamlined the process of bringing in new leads for Terry’s practice, and he’s had over 250 new leads come in since the start of the program.

What are the results?

Since working with CountingWorks PRO, Terry has achieved his goal of being at the top of local search results, with 221 rankings on page 1 and 142 new rankings for keywords and phrases. This boost to his SEO has led to a 96% increase in users and a 104% increase in sessions as well.

As Terry puts it, “CountingWorks PRO solved my search ranking issue in good order, and that local radius where I rank number 1 continues to grow.” Also helping are the increasing number of glowing reviews coming in across the web, with 49 five-star reviews received and counting.

Best of all, working with CountingWorks PRO has helped Terry to grow his business earnings. “I would still be floundering if not for CountingWorks PRO. It’s very difficult for a small business that specializes in taxes to stay busy year-round. That has now been achieved.” After three years of stagnation, Terry’s gross revenue increased by 31.13% and his net profit rose by 19.47% just a few months after he met with our Chief Customer Officer.


Overall, CountingWorks PRO was able to help Terry reach his goal of ranking number one for a large local area, while also enabling him to reach new prospects across the country with the technology needed for contactless engagements.

Terry says he’s been most impressed by the team at CountingWorks PRO. “I know at the heart of every great company is a leader who treats his or her employees with respect and opportunity. That treatment, good or bad, always bleeds over to how the employee treats the customer. I’m happy to say every interaction with every person at CountingWorks PRO over the past five plus years has been a delight!”

CountingWorks PRO has been successful in helping Terry to grow his practice. Although he had hesitations at first due to bad experiences with other marketing solutions in the past, he is now “forever grateful” for the partnership and recommends CountingWorks PRO to all his friends.

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