Peter J Marchiano, Jr. CPAs & Business Advisors

Peter J Marchiano, Jr. CPAs & Business Advisors

“The results have been great but so has the customer service team. They've always responded to my questions promptly and I feel they have a vested interest in my success.”


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Peter J Marchiano, Jr. CPAs & Business Advisors located in Bayville, NJ is a trusted source for qualified accounting professionals who can ensure that financial records are maintained correctly and accurately. They work with their clients to ensure that their personal or business processes are conducted in a manner that ensures ongoing integrity in their financial transactions. This full-service firm focuses not only on accounting and business services, but also IRS Resolution and Tax Services. Working with Peter’s practice means clients no longer require in-house staff and all the accompanying overhead expenses and hassles. Advancements in technology now allow them to securely provide clients with accounting and bookkeeping services anywhere in the world. Clients can access their financial information and business files online, anytime, for a fraction of the cost of in-house accounting.

What was the challenge?

In the beginning, acquiring clients and gaining their trust was an issue Peter found himself running into. “Client acquisition was sporadic at best. I feel it is much more consistent with CountingWorks PRO,” Peter says. Securing clients in such a competitive sector is difficult for any firm when starting out but creating a consistent flow of new business is a priority for maintaining a profitable practice.

How did CountingWorks PRO help?

CountingWorks PRO has streamlined the process of obtaining leads for Peter’s practice. Since signing up with CountingWorks PRO, Peter has seen a 57% increase in organic traffic. With more traffic to his website, he has seen quality leads consistently flow in. On top of this simplified stream of leads, he also has more time to spend on his clients since he doesn’t have to worry about his marketing. He speaks to this when he says, “I like the fact that you guys do it all for me. I don’t have time to post to social media or send out emailed newsletters or follow-up with prospects. You guys do this automatically and do it well too. And I love the quarterly meetings to go over things.”

What are the results?

Since CountingWorks PRO has started “handling all the marketing tasks” for them, Peter J Marchiano, Jr. CPAs & Business Advisors have seen that “it allows [them] more time to focus on other tasks essential in growing the firm.” As a tax and accounting professional, CountingWorks PRO understands that you need to focus on your business and your clients in order to maintain them. This is why Peter has seen such tremendous success with his company, because he has the time and resources to give clients his full attention.

With CountingWorks PRO’s help, Peter J Marchiano, Jr. CPAs & Business Advisors’ website has had 194 first page search rankings. Additionally, they keep up a 90% client newsletter open rate — a highly impressive figure that illustrates the quality clients they bring in and the high rates of engagement they cultivate. Lastly, Peter has seen a drastic increase in traffic to his Google My Business (GMB) profile since connecting his profile to our posts. Just over the last month, he has had 465 views to his GMB profile. His GMB also outperforms every other business in his area.


Overall, the CountingWorks PRO marketing platform was able to solve Peter’s challenge of sporadic client acquisition and give him more time to focus on his practice. Here at CountingWorks PRO, we are dedicated to the ongoing success and growth of Peter J Marchiano, Jr. CPAs & Business Advisors and all of our other clients. Peter illustrated this dedication when he said, “The results have been great but so has the customer service team. They’ve always responded to my questions promptly and I feel they have a vested interest in my success.”

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