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Since 1987,’s expert staff of CPAs, EAs, and MBAs have been watching over small businesses across many industries. Over the years, they’ve seen it all: from mixed-up restaurant books to messy flower shop books and even flawed bookstore books.

As they’ve witnessed the rise of QuickBooks and other accounting software options, one thing has become even more clear: many small business owners are being sold on the idea that bookkeeping can be handled in just a few clicks. In reality, it’s more complicated than that — and that’s where their team of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors comes in.

Over their 30+ years in business, the team has become a one-stop-shop for small businesses seeking help with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, bill pay, and tax. Early on,’s team recognized the need to showcase their expertise online and build a solid messaging strategy, which brought them to CountingWorks PRO.

What was the challenge?

Like so many other tax, accounting, and bookkeeping practices, was facing the challenge of growing their client base in the digital age — a time when online presence and reputation is paramount to success. They needed coaching and hands-on assistance in developing a web presence that would get seen by prospects and start bringing in more quality leads to the practice.

How did CountingWorks PRO help?

Knowing the value their own clients were gaining from working with an all-in-one small business solution like them, the team was looking for an all-in-one marketing and growth solution of their own. This led them to CountingWorks PRO in 2016 after finding us online. They were most drawn to CountingWorks PRO because of the fact that it was an all-in-one solution, and they didn’t have to hire anyone else to help them.

What are the results?

The CountingWorks PRO team worked with to create a beautifully designed website that performs exceptionally in search, ensuring their site gets tons of views from valuable prospective clients in their target market. Since the start of their program, has seen 56,904 new site visitors and 167,548 pageviews.

These numbers will continue growing every day, as new monthly visitors to the website are up 130% and the bounce rate (percentage of visitors who leave the site without interacting further) is 20% lower than the industry average.


Ultimately, CountingWorks PRO has been able to solve’s challenge of growing their client base in the digital age. With their impressive online presence, the practice has built a consistent pipeline of incoming leads that will help them continue to grow for years to come.

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