Marketing for Accountants: Product Update, New Features and Help Tips

This ClientWhys update introduces TaxBuzz.com and includes many of the items we have been working on all off-season to help your practice thrive.

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Practice Marketing

Marketing for Accountants: Product Update, New Features and Help Tips

July 8, 2022
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Lee Reams
CEO | CountingWorks PRO

This CountingWorks PRO (previously ClientWhys) update includes some of the items we have been working on all off-season to help your practice thrive. If you have not checked out our free marketing white papers or listened to our latest webcast, I suggest accessing them below.

If you have been following our blog or our Twitter posts, you will know we have been heavily pitching the use of reviews and instant appointments as the #1 way to build your practice. The numbers don’t lie. ClientWhys accountants who have worked on their reviews drive substantially more leads through their websites.

Better yet, the subscribers who also show their free appointment times on their websites get hundreds of appointments each year. Emailing back and forth, playing phone tag and having high no-show rates are things of the past. More importantly, web shoppers stop looking once they schedule an appointment. It is that simple.

Introducing TaxBuzz.com

The challenges for local tax accounting practices to market online are numerous. It has become even harder now that Google has been pushing local websites off of page 1 in favor of ads, Google + and directory websites. We created taxbuzz.com to counter these changes. Make it easy for customers to find you online, while using the power of reviews and instant appointment setting to dominate your competition. The complexity of the Affordable Care Act will make gaining new clients a very competitive issue this season. TaxBuzz will provide you with the prominent web prominence your brand deserves. We already have traffic in the thousands per day and will see taxbuzz.com continue to grow on Google in the coming months. We have 3-5 prime positions for each city, so claim your profile today.

Learn more by reading our TaxBuzz launch announcement.

Free Resources and White Papers

We have released two great white papers and a webcast covering some of the best practices that have worked for our highest performers. Check them out and let us know if you are ready to start implementing these proven practices.

Free webcast on how to get any tax accountant website onto page 1 of Google

If your tax accounting practice is built by referrals, you need to read this free white paper

Download the ultimate guide to mastering client referrals and lead conversion

Server Upgrades

During the week of Thanksgiving, we are going to migrate the platform to a faster network environment. We want to ensure that our network performs at peak levels, even during the heavy season. This upgrade will occur late at night and should not affect your operations. Details on timing will be posted on our knowledge base. Simply put, if we see our server loads getting higher than we’re comfortable with, we just flip a switch and add more power with the click of a button.

Tax Organizer Launch Date

The form fill tax organizers are in final proofing. We hope to release them on your website before December 1. We have three versions for individual tax returns and one for business clients.

New Themes

We launched a modern new theme called professional that has worked out well for clients who want to look more progressive. If you are interested in exploring this new theme, please call your digital marketing consultant to assist with the makeover.

Here are a few examples:

Torrance Tax Preparation The Taxation Experts

Bensalem, PA, Tax, Accounting and Advisory Firm Del Terri

eSign Update

We hope to take the product out of beta in December. We have added the ability to upload custom documents. We are excited to roll out the final product.

New Overlay Tools

Strong calls to action and client engagement are keys to making your website work for you. Gathering honest reviews. Booking instant appointments. Growing your email newsletter list. Sharing secure files. All done through your client overlay portal. Available to Persyst and Connect clients, the overlay tools are added to your website with a simple set of code. Coming December 1.

This upcoming tax season will be trying, but should be extremely profitable. We expect our professionals to gain new clients who choose the professional route because of the Affordable Care Act complexity. Get yourself ready by utilizing our latest tools.

Lee Reams
CEO | CountingWorks PRO

As the founder and CEO of CountingWorks, Inc, Lee is passionate about helping independent tax and accounting professionals compete in the modern age. From time-saving digital onboarding tools, world-class websites, and outbound marketing campaigns, lee has been developing best-in-class marketing solutions for over twenty years.

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