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Lead Management for Accountants and Tax Professionals

Our CountingWorks PRO platform has a built-in, automated lead management system which helps you track and respond to inquiries and leads.

Plus, we make it easy to stay in front of prospective clients with a series of nurturing emails – a crucial piece of the retention cycle in the digital age.

As your practice grows, it’s a challenge to continue answering phone calls and responding to incoming email inquiries. But, working with existing clients and doing hands-on accounting and tax work takes up all your time.

So how can you grow if no one’s responding quickly to incoming inquiries?

The answer is an all-in-one lead management and nurturing platform like CountingWorks PRO.

Businesses that use email lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost, according to HubSpot. Those nurtured leads produce an average of 20% more sales opportunities vs. leads that are not nurtured.

Depending on the services prospective clients need (such as accounting, tax, or tax resolution), our automated system will send a series of emails with helpful information about your practice, services, and recommended next steps.

CountingWorks PRO tracks the sources of your leads and clients in real time, helping you measure your marketing and online presence.

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