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The Connected Economy is Here.

The modern accounting firm has changed more in the past 12 months than the last 24 years combined, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Clients have changed and they have a new set of expectations from their accountant or CPA. Face to face client meetings and billing for one time services is no longer enough.

Clients don’t want static service offerings, but a connected client experience built around their ever changing needs. They’re looking for new more efficient ways to engage with your firm. And having team members scattered across local and remote work only makes matters worse.

It’s now about delivering more and more value—through a connected client experience that enables you to deliver world-class client service, expand margins, and build a more profitable firm.

Welcome to the new world of happy connected clients.

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Accountants still use an old school approach to new business

Accountants and CPAs are proud to be built entirely on referrals, and this business model worked for decades. But there’s challenges with a referral-heavy firm—referrals bring you more of the same type of work, they rarely command a price premium, and they are passive forms of growth.

It would be concerning if none of your work came from referrals just as much as if all your work is driven from referrals. Referrals should be in addition to a strong digital marketing engine.

Your client experience is more important than anything else

Creating and maintaining a client experience is an “always on” activity. Get it right and you’ll win more referrals (i.e. money)—get it wrong and you’ll continually be fighting to find new clients ….

Phone and email only is no longer the only way to work—clients want to speed things up—while feeling like they’re getting one-on-one attention from their accountant.

We also found a connected client experience creates a more efficiency and profitability by giving you more time to focus on high-value activities.

Illustration of a magnet attracting leads, social media likes, etc.
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Marketing channels shifted overnight

When the pandemic hit, the strongest growth engine lost steam—referrals and word of mouth. But it didn’t stop there. Prospects behavior changed to be more connected to colleagues and influencers. Word of mouth and referrals now happen digitally. This means your clients no longer get one referral, but many and they are comparing your offering against other firms. There’s never been a more critical moment than now to take your firm digital.

Make the Connected Client Experience Part of Your Competitive Advantage

Focusing on a connected client experience requires a new way of thinking. Rather than placing your focus on just “existing clients”. The connected economy is live or die by creating a connected client experience before you even know about the client. The formula lies in delivering a multi-channel experience and service (that gets better and deeper over time).

Welcome to the new era of accounting. Welcome to the connected economy.

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Create a connected client experience in minutes

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