The First Digital Front Office for Accounting & Tax Firms

We are in the midst of a once-in-a-century shift in how prospects and clients interact with accounting firms and tax advisors. From remote work to digital transformation, the world as we know it is different. And no one is feeling this shift more than accounting firms.

While most firms are busier than ever—it's not all good. All the busy work is taking you away from the most meaningful client relationships (that also pay good money).

So what ends up happening? You have no time for the work that matters the most: delivering world-class client services, expanding margins, and building a more profitable (less busy) firm.

Most firms are ignoring how much impact this can really have.

Prospects are changing how they learn, research, and find a professional. Clients are continually being referred to competitors for services they don't know you offer.

Companies like Pilot are not just trends—they are the new reality—and they're eating up the traditional firm with a digital native business model.

Firms that fail to adapt and realize this shift are doomed.

This is where becoming a digitally native firm can help.

Accounting firms have never had a platform that enables them to digitize their entire front office for prospects and clients while improving their client relationships and profitability—until now.

We're building the First Digital Front Office for Accounting & Tax Professionals.

Referrals happen in places you no longer control

Accountants and CPAs are proud to be built entirely on referrals, and this business model worked for decades. But how your clients find and hear about your firm is changing in a digital native world.

Your clients are engaging with their peers online for advice (Slack LinkedIn, and communities), creating a word of mouth and referral system at scale that has never existed before. They no longer receive 1 or 2 referrals but dozens of highly specialized experts.

CountingWorks automates your marketing across the digital ecosystem so you can take advantage of this new scalable referral system.

Your client experience is more important than anything else

Creating and maintaining a digital client experience is an "always on" activity. Get it right and you'll win more referrals (i.e. money)—get it wrong and you'll continually be fighting to find new clients.

Phone and email are dated ways to work—clients want to speed things up—while feeling like they're getting one-on-one attention from their accountant and tax professional.

With a digital firm you'll gain more efficiency and profitability by automating client intake and eliminating the back and forth, freeing up your time to focus on high-value activities.

Siloed experiences and relationships kill your efficiency (and time)

Running a firm creates too many technical, mundane, and repetitive tasks for accountants and CPAs to keep up with today.

If you have silos between your services, team members, and clients—you'll spend too much time on unproductive tasks and unnecessary steps, like trying to locate a client document.

Your clients get better service and better value when you’re focused on the activities that add the most value. Time consuming marketing activities, back and forth emails, and document chasing takes away your time and impacts your bottomline.

CountingWorks brings together your team, your knowledge, services, and clients—in one place.

The First Digital Front Office for Accounting & Tax Firms

We’re on a mission to turn accounting and tax professionals into super humans.

Imagine a world where you can automate your marketing to find higher paying clients, create a client experience that expands margins, and get rid of all the busy work that comes with growth and client back and forth.

With the first Digital Front Office you now have this power.

The firms who embrace and harness the digital firm will become more productive, spend more time doing high-value work and drive better results. Welcome to a digital native accounting firm.

CountingWorks is Your Digital Front Office

Transform the way you find clients, work with clients, and get everything you need to get client work done.

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Transform your firm with the First Digital Front Office

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