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Product News: Growth Subscription Improvements

October 8, 2019

Great news: Our Growth (K2 & Whitney) subscriptions just got even better!

At CountingWorks PRO, we already provide our Growth subscribers with many features such as custom-built websites, newsletters, on-page and off-page SEO, and reputation & review monitoring (just to name a few). We’re always looking for ways to improve our clients’ experience, so we’ve decided to add some great new features to our Growth program at no cost, plus an add-on lead generation tool!

Here are a few of the new upgrades: 

Marketing Workshops

As a tax and accounting professional, you are a coach, consultant, thought-leader, and more — all wrapped up in one.

However, the health of your practice depends on getting new clients in the door. It is not enough to be “best in the business” at what you do if the world doesn’t know about you.

This is where our monthly workshops come in.

Our experts will go through best practices, trends, and real success stories on what is working to attract the right clients in a changing world.

Available for 1-hour CPE credit for CPAs, our monthly workshops tackle the toughest questions you have about the future of your practice.

Topics will include:

  • How to use value pricing packages to take the friction out of the buying process
  • How to choose a vertical focus
  • How to use social media to build up your brand
  • Where web traffic comes from
  • Understanding the client life cycle
  • How to supercharge your referrals

And much more. Already a Growth client? Look for an invite via email for the next workshop. Not a Growth client yet? Talk to our marketing experts about what you’re missing out on.


Conversion Tools

It’s time to supercharge your website with interactive content. 

Everyone wants to get ahead in the marketing game. It’s understandable — you want to beat the competition, attract more attention, and covert more web visitors to clients. Interactive content is the future of online interaction, and it can help you achieve all these goals.

We now offer our Growth clients a suite of interactive tools including chatbots, white papers, business entity flow charts, pricing tools, quizzes, and more. 

These conversion tools build trust by answering prospects’ most pressing questions early on in the buying cycle.

Whitney package: Includes access to FULL conversion tool suite
K2 package: Access to chatbots only. Upgrade to Whitney for access to the full conversion tool suite.


Niche Marketing

Building your reputation as a specialist is a much easier process. It is nearly impossible to rank for generic terms like “bookkeeping” versus ranking as a “dental practice bookkeeper” or for “bookkeeping services in Newport Beach.” There is much less competition, and it is easier to attract qualified prospects.

Our vertical and niche marketing program will allow Growth clients to target specific audiences. We will identify target markets, create optimized landing pages, and coach you on niche marketing best practices.

Whitney package: Includes three vertical landing pages.
K2 package: Upgrade to Whitney for access to landing pages.


Boost – A Powerful Lead Generation Platform

This new piece of our Growth subscription gives clients all the tools they need to easily generate leads and build a pipeline of prospects fast. 

Leads — Done-for-you tax and accounting lead generation.

Conversion — Proven landing page templates that convert.

Nurture campaigns — Easy to use marketing tools and prospect follow up campaigns.


Setup — We’ll set up everything for you – fast!

$199/month – Target 1 niche and guaranteed 50 landing page visitors per month.

$299/month – Target 1 niche and guaranteed 100 landing page visitors per month.

$499/month – Target 2 niches and guaranteed 200 landing page visitors per month. 

We require a 3-month initial commitment and a one-time non-refundable setup fee of $99.


Support Team Approach

When it comes to supporting your practice for long-term success, it takes a village. We recognize that, so we now include a full support team as part of our Growth package, rather than just one marketing services manager.

Our VIPs also get preferred treatment when any of their support tickets enter our system. The full support team—Sara, Katie, Alexa, Dex, Lauren, Alex, Lee, and Tai—is notified, ensuring any issues or questions are resolved quickly.

We even have a special help desk email just for Growth clients. Reach out to us here to learn more.

Our team is thrilled to be offering these upgrades to our Growth clients, and we look forward to helping them grow their practice—not their workload. 

Questions about these new subscription features? Interested in upgrading from another subscription, or ready to become a new client? Visit or set up a call with our digital marketing expert here to discuss.

Pro advice, ideas, and information to help your practice get going and grow.

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