Legacy Plans & Pricing

Everything existing customers need to know about our legacy plan changes.

Starting October 1, 2022, we are increasing our pricing for legacy plans. A legacy plan is any subscription that is not on our current 3.0 platform pricing. You can visit our current offerings here.

Since our first launch over a decade ago, we have never raised our prices to current subscribers. This means we’ve accounted for years of rising labor costs, support, and development expenses without a trickle down effect.

In recent years, we have changed our name, invested in new features, expanded infrastructure, and designed a better user experience.

Our number one objective in everything we do is to make things easier and save accountants and tax professionals time.

And it’s why in February, we launched the latest upgrade to our platform. A completely new offering that is built for speed, you, and your clients as priority #1.

Thousands of firms use CountingWorks PRO, many of which are now on our 3.0 infrastructure. If you missed the notifications, we hope you schedule time with a conversion specialist to review the benefits for your practice.

See our 3.0 pricing page if you are interested in converting to our latest platform. View changes to our original legacy plans here

Have questions? We have answers.

Why is CountingWorks updating legacy plans?

Our costs have doubled since our launch. To maintain the platforms, we need people to specialize in support for each platform. In addition, the infrastructure and monitoring of each platform require ongoing investments. We have also invested over 1 million dollars into our 3.0 product suite and will continue to bring you best-in-class solutions in the coming years.

What is 3.0?

Our vision is to help independent tax and accounting professionals transition into the digital age. Clients demand best in class experiences, from all of the products and services they use. With 3.0, every digital touchpoint is optimized for both desktop and mobile screens.
As your tax and accounting practice grows, we leverage our subscriber data to determine what content and strategies are working best. With 3.0, we have helped streamline the entire client journey, from optimizing your web visibility, creating an incredible search engine profile to nail your prospect's first impression of your firm, to optimizing pricing and digitizing payment methods, to digital engagement letters, client intake, and ongoing client retention and loyalty. We will continue to keep you one step ahead of the changing digital landscape.

What changes in service can I expect?

No changes. We have an entire team of dedicated support personnel to answer your questions and assist with client requests and training.

When are plans changing?

We are starting on October 1, 2022. The billing will increase based on your current bill date throughout the month.

Do I have to migrate to 3.0?

No. At some point, because of maintenance and security concerns, we will close down Green portal access. We plan to maintain 2.0 for many years. We are investing in all new features and tools in the 3.0 environment.

When will I know Green Portal is shutting down?

We continue to monitor the latest security and browser standards. At some point we will no longer be able to invest or keep this older technology stable. Green portal users can already login into 2.0 without any conversion of disruption. If you wish to convert to 3.0 we will request a three month migration time frame. We will announce the sunsetting of Green portal in the next 6-18 months.

I have more questions, whom should I talk to?

Change is stressful; we get that. If you have additional questions, you can schedule time with one of our specialists by picking a time on their calendar.

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