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Get Found Online: Success Stories

January 8, 2016

Fact: Most CPAs, EAs and tax accountants lose money when they advertise online.

Fact: Most pushy sales people will promise everything under the sun to get a sale.

But what if we showed you a proven way of harnessing the search engine power and traffic of TaxBuzz to help improve your search results, safeguard your reputation and convert more prospects to clients?

A 2015 Google consumer survey tells us that 12% of taxpayers switched their tax filing method last year, and 28% of these taxpayers switched based on a recommendation. So the power of reviews and client testimonials is paramount in the success of your brand.

We compiled a list of TaxBuzz professionals who have used our tools to move up the search rankings. We helped them proactively attract five-star testimonials while establishing a visible online presence with page 1 results. This is just a sampling of the results TaxBuzz has been delivering to tax accounting professionals nationwide.

TaxBuzz Case Studies:

McDonough CPA Karen Drescher 
1632 visitors, page 1 Google results, 14 five-star reviews

Karen subscribes to our highest-level Whitney subscription. From her point of view, her marketing is basically on autopilot. We obviously are very busy doing what we do best, helping to showcase Karen’s expertise and safeguard her reputation. We utilize the TaxBuzz blogging tool to help push tax tips and business advice through the TaxBuzz channel. This has generated amazing traffic and brand authority. Her 1,500-plus visitors would cost her upwards of $10,000 on Google AdWords.


Westlake Village CPA Barry Gilbert
158 visitors, 3 appointments and 5 consultations, page 1 Google results

Barry was an early adapter. He has attracted 8 reviews, and his TaxBuzz profile displays prominently in search. Having five-star reviews in search helps convert more referrals and provides more trust that taxpayers are making a good choice when working with Barry.


Camarillo tax professional Russ Merrick, EA 
Stats: 67 visitors, page 1 Google results

Russ dominates his local market in search. His TaxBuzz profile links prominently alongside his Google My Business, website and TaxBuzz profile. Consumer studies tell us that 88% of consumers trust online reviews. This is one brand that is well established in the Camarillo market with Google search results across the board.


Bohemia tax professional Bob Veit
Stats: 35 five-star reviews, page 1 Google results

Bob has a great practice with an unbelievably loyal client base. His raving testimonials make Bob and Advisory Associates a logical choice for any prospect.


North Andover Tax Professional James Batten, EA
Stats: 153 page views, 4 verified new clients and 85 reviews, page 1 Google results

Jim is one of the highest-rated tax professionals on TaxBuzz. With his number of client testimonials at 85 and growing, it is no wonder his brand shows up so well in search. At first, Jim was a little skeptical whether reviews worked. The results speak for themselves, with page 1 Google rankings and an army of ambassadors singing his praises.


New Hampton Tax Professional Richard J. Spead
Stats: 29 reviews, local search term page 1 results, 151 visitors

Dr. Spead used our email review campaign, and his 29 five-star reviews were a roaring success. Dr. Spead has great local placement on multiple search terms. He embeds the reviews on his website to ensure referrals and new prospects that they have come to the right place.


Upland HOA CPA Gordon McNamee
Stats: 1857 visitors, 5 reviews, 19 appointments

Gordon is a CPA located in Upland, California. His practice is well rounded, but he does focus on Homeowner Associations. We helped him develop content around HOAs and have driven over 1,800 unique visitors to his TaxBuzz Profile and blog articles. In addition, Gordon is a TaxBuzz Verified Pro, which means he has passed our background screening and builds a little more trust in new prospects.


Cutting through the noise of SEO “experts” can be quite a chore. These are just a few of the thousands of examples of tax accounting professionals using disruptive technology to get a leg up on their competition. With hundred of thousands of prospects, and limited real estate don’t get left behind. 

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