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A blog training and content planning program for our VIP subscribers 

The fastest way to build your brand visibility and thought leadership is through sharing your knowledge online. Writing custom blog articles and being quoted in news articles are two of the top ways to get your practice noticed online. More importantly, these help build up your expertise, online authority, and trust factors for the Google algorithm – all of this ultimately improves your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

We know you are busy, and planning and writing custom content can be a chore. Some bloggers spend hours researching keywords, building their own content briefs, and writing – only to get mixed, unpredictable results. With Blog+, a new service for our VIP-level subscribers, we are taking the same technology we use to develop content that gets read by millions of internet users each month, and are making it available to our network for the very first time. We provide training on best practices to plan and write your custom blog content, plus we have several SEO-boosting programs that will help you get your brand noticed by Google, and give you the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of readers every month.

Blog+ Options

Blog Writing Training & Strategy Session

Our CountingWorks content experts will work with you to help you understand blog writing best practices – from how to read our briefs to the best way to write your blog content – setting you up for success from the beginning.

Content Brief Library

Each month we will build writing briefs for trending tax and accounting content that is getting the most traffic. We’ll also offer evergreen briefs for topics that will help you create “clusters” of content in areas where your firm excels, ultimately building your authority on specialties that matter to you.Our step-by-step briefs are your all all-in-one source for building content that packs a punch.  Each brief includes suggested headlines (H1), subheadings (H2 and H3), word count, keywords, external links, and more. We are giving you the blueprint for how to get your blog articles to rank online.

Get Quoted Expert

Get ready for more media coverage and citations for your practice. We publish multiple news articles daily on TaxBuzz and the most popular news syndication sites, like Google News, Apple News, FaceBook News, Newsbreak, and more. Our articles get millions of impressions and hundreds of thousands of page views per month. All you have to do to be potentially used as a source is give us your thoughts about topics we’re currently covering using a simple form. The boost to your SEO and inbound links to your website are invaluable. Link Building vendors literally charge thousands of dollars per month for similar exposure. 

Custom Content Briefs (3.0 Premier Only)

Write the best content for your target audience.
Our AI collects and analyzes your best opportunities to rank your content based on your brand authority and target market. We will then create three custom briefs exclusive to your practice. 

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