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Overall website performance, mobile experience, and loading speed.
Review the website for security and ADA compliance issues.
Review search engine optimization opportunities and penalties impacting rankings
Conversion rate optimization opportunities to drive more leads. Conversion rate optimization opportunities to drive more leads.
Review the overall health of your digital presence.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a brand audit?

A website audit is a review of the key components of your firms accounting or tax website. We'll review website performance, messaging and positioning, security, technical aspects, and seach engine optimization (SEO).

Why is website performance important?

Being online is not a set it and forget it process. Google changes constantly. Website best practices change. You need to regularly audit your website to stay ahead of these changes.

Is there any cost to a brand audit?

There is no cost to a website audit and you're under no obligation. You can take the recommendations and implement them yourself.

Can you help me with my website?

Yes! If you need help implementing the recommendations or want a new and better website we can help.

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