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Welcome to CountingWorks PRO: the accountant marketing automation platform that you and your clients will love.

Sure, it includes an accountant website. But there are also client newsletters, blog posts, video meetings, digital workflows, search engine optimization, social media posting, a client portal, and more.

It’s time to automate your accountant marketing.

It’s a tricky cycle: You want your client list to grow, but when it does, your workload grows, too – and not the important client work. Stay focused on delivering your five-star services and leave the exceptional client experience and marketing automation to us.

Modernize Your Practice

Video chat face-to-face with your clients with just one click. Attract more clients with online appointments. Use our digital workflows to collaborate with staff and make delivering client work a snap.

Leave the Coding to the Experts

Not sure how digital marketing works? Struggling to get started with it? Not confident in your ability to implement it effectively? Speed up your results by using our proven marketing platform built exclusively for tax & accounting professionals.

Demand Higher Fees

Our expert-written content keeps your clients informed and loyal, generating more referrals, better retention rates, and higher fees. Start earning what you deserve.

Build the Five-Star Practice Of Your Dreams

We will help you expand your online presence to match you with more prospects than ever before. By showcasing your expertise and backing it up with five-star reviews, our system delivers leads that are already sold on your services.

Trusted by over 8,000 CPAs, EAs, Bookkeepers, and Tax Professionals

Be a great accountant or tax pro from anywhere.

Our suite of tools empowers practices of all sizes to create an outstanding client experience from any location. No matter where your clients are, our secure client portal keeps their information safe and our TeleAccountant™ virtual meeting software makes communication a breeze.

Get a SEO-dominating tax and accounting website for your firm plus so much more.

This all-in-one tool has everything you need to show prospects and clients the expert advisor you are: from a lightning-fast and mobile-friendly website loved by search engines to a holistic digital presence (including done-for-you social media, blog content, conversion tools, and accurate information on your practice across the web).

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What our awesome clients say about us

“I must say that I am beyond impressed with CountingWorks PRO services, I truly wish I had found you sooner. I am extremely satisfied with your product and services; I truly believe that you have a visionary team and an exceptional package which sets you apart from the other CPA website providers out there. Keep up the great work!”

– Sylvia M. Singleton, CPA

“We are getting daily prospects and several new clients per week. Whatever you are doing is working!”

– R. Wesley Kirtz, CPA

“I get a lot of compliments on my website, the FaceBook posts and the LinkedIn articles. My practice revenue has grown 58% so far this year over last year’s total. If I hit my targets for the 4th quarter, I’ll be up 80% for the year. I attribute a lot of this growth to the website. Interestingly, I really hadn’t planned on this much growth…”

– Marlene Van Sickle, CPA

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