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How Tax and Accounting Firms are Surviving the Great Resignation

The pandemic has spurred massive changes within the workforce. With more people working from home and more companies offering remote work options, workers have more choice and mobility than ever before.

About 1 in 5 workers have quit their jobs during this “Great Resignation”.

In order to continue to attract and retain great employees, tax and accounting firms will need to reimagine the way they look at their hiring and onboarding processes.

Great resignation

Topics covered during this workshop:

hiring great resignation
  • Hiring strategies for tax and accounting firms
  • Onboarding training tips
  • How to apply branding to your hiring and onboarding experience
  • Tips for cultivating company culture in remote environments

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Meet your Speaker: Lee Reams II

Lee Reams II (Founder & CEO) is the energy behind CountingWorks PRO. He is actively involved in product development, marketing, and website development. He prides himself at listening to clients’ needs while developing first-class solutions and is known to monitor his iPhone at all hours of the day. Lee has presented marketing and growth concepts to tens of thousands of tax and accounting professionals. When Lee is not busy putting his ideas to work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Allison, and daughter, Whitney. Also, he is an active hiker, mountain biker and loves exploring the Sierra backcountry.

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