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Tools to Help with Virtual Client Engagement During COVID-19

April 6, 2020

We know this is a stressful time to be operating a tax and accounting practice, with new laws and guidance passing, tax deadlines changing, mandated work-from-home policies, and more. To help, we’ve put together a list of the CountingWorks PRO tools that will be most useful when managing your virtual client engagements. 

Client Portal

The CountingWorks PRO Marketing Platform keeps everything together in one secure place. No matter how many clients you have or how many team members are working on a project, CountingWorks PRO keeps everything organized. Whether you have one engagement with clients or many, you can organize each project within its own conversation, sharing documents, providing guidance, and managing tasks. When a conversation is closed, you can easily archive if you ever need to access it again. The Marketing Platform also provides a range of useful marketing tools such as setting up custom nurture campaigns and a wide range of customizable print and video materials.

CountingWorks PRO’s Marketing Platform uses the same SSL technology to secure documents as online banks. Our drag-and-drop feature easily allows you to upload multiple documents at one time. Better yet, you can download all files in a conversation at one time. Eliminate the panicked client requests for tax return copies after hours. No file size limits. No stress.

Marketing Library (Including COVID-19 Content)

Our fully-stocked marketing library includes everything you need to operate and grow your practice successfully. From tax organizers and digital workflows to expert-created content for your blog (including COVID-19 specific articles – 20+ so far), we have you covered.

Secure File Sharing

Security is crucial for tax and accounting practices all year long, but it’s an even higher priority when all engagements have shifted online and your clients have high expectations. No sending sensitive files via email here – secure file sharing is built right into your portal.

E-Sign and Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) Compliance

You probably have either completely ended face-to-face meetings during the COVID-19 crisis, or drastically reduced their frequency – but documents still need to be signed. For this, you can utilize the E-Sign feature in your portal. 

Why use E-Sign?

It’s legally binding – Our electronic signatures are recognized in court. We comply with some of the most stringent eSignature laws in the United States.

Signatures are authenticated – E-Sign authenticates document signers so you know who is signing your documents. Any person signing a document through our eSign application must either have login information for their portal account, or have received in their email account a request for signature.

There’s an audit trail – Each signature on a contract is imposed and affixed to the contract. When you request a signature, the E-Sign application affixes an audit trail cover page to the contract itself. The audit trail contains a globally unique identifier, or GUID, that can be used to look up a record in our database, which shows who signed a document and when.

All that plus…

  • Unlimited users
  • No additional monthly fee – pay per document, as low as .50 each
  • Integrated into your client portal with your branding
  • Clients can sign from anywhere, including mobile
  • Template library with 7216 disclosures, engagement letters, and IRS efile authorization form 8879s
  • KBA-compliant

There are 4 ways to create an electronic signature.

  • Draw your signature using your computer mouse or touchpad
  • Take a photo of your signature using your smartphone and upload it to the eSign Application
  • Type your name and select any one of our fonts to give your typed signature an authentic touch
  • Sign using your finger either on our mobile app for iOS and Android, or using our in-person signing feature on the iPad

Once created, an electronic signature can be added to any document along with other annotations such as check marks or freeform text.

Contact Management

Upload your client list and manage all your contacts in one place, right in your portal. 

Email Messaging Communication Tools

This is a busy time for everyone, and you want to focus on the actual work of helping your clients through this crisis. We get it. With that in mind, we’ve been loading your portal with email templates for everything you might need – from a notification about switching to virtual practice operations to information on the Paycheck Protection Program.

They’re all loaded in your portal and ready to send. Watch the video above to learn how.

Not a CountingWorks PRO client? We posted five of our email templates for free on our blog here. Feel free to copy/paste and use them for your practice. 

To get access to all our email templates and the other valuable tools listed in this guide, contact us to discuss package options with one of our digital marketing experts. We’re continually creating new content and solutions to aid practices and their clients through the COVID-19 crisis, and we want to help you as well.

Pro advice, ideas, and information to help your practice get going and grow.

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