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Social Media Marketing for Accountants & Tax Professionals

Meet your clients, prospects, and referrals where they’re already spending time by cultivating a consistent, authoritative social media presence – but don’t go it alone.

Our automated posting will ensure your practice is showcasing expertise online without wasting valuable time and resources yourself.

You’ve probably heard about how important content creation is for setting your practice apart from the competition, but posting frequently on social media – and knowing what to say – can seem like a lot of work.

As if you aren’t already busy enough running your practice and helping your clients each day. Many of our clients aren’t “social media gurus” and don’t have the time or technical knowledge to maximize their business’s social media profiles.

That’s why we offer expert social media posting.

Automated Posting Options for: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and additional options for YouTube and Google My Business

No work on your end – just automated, high-value content to educate, attract, and retain more clients. At least 4x per week, we’ll be sharing informative articles, tax facts, inspirational quotes, educational videos, and more. From IRS tax problems to small business to personal finance, we’ve got it covered.

Social media is an important way to generate more referrals for any small accounting and tax firm. We do it all for you so you can focus on what matters: your business. Learn more about the importance of social media for tax and accounting practices here.

Why CountingWorks PRO?

We’ve been empowering tax and accounting pros to look – and be – extraordinary since 2008. Choose a marketing automation platform that you and your clients will love – including a lightning-fast website, client newsletters, blog posts, video meetings, digital workflows, search engine optimization, social media posting, a client portal, and so much more.


What our awesome clients say about us…

CountingWorks PRO has been a lifesaver. We found them when looking for a new website vendor. CountingWorks PRO offers so much more! Their Learning Center blogs and social media posts are our most valuable tools. Responsiveness is outstanding. Their services save us so much time so that we can focus on client and lead conversations.

Sonja G.


“CountingWorks PRO is providing a good website with the right content, social media postings, and email marketing. This is a good option for a small practice owner.”

George V.

Enrolled Agent

“The staff at CountingWorks PRO were nothing short of professional and expedient in communication response. They have done a magnificent job on our website … Thanks to all the staff that played a part in helping us to grow and have nationwide visibility.”

Robert P.


“We are getting daily prospects and several new clients per week. Whatever you are doing is working!”

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