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Thank you for your interest in our new Conversion Tools. When the form is submitted, a member on our team will be following up with next steps. To get started, please read through our Convert & Grow Quick Start Guide. In addition, all of our tools are available to be interacted with on our demo website — feel free to explore them there as you go through the request form or see the examples below. 


We will be happy to help make recommendations based on your services and website design. This form helps us understand where you are and what you would like to feature. Thank you!

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Fill out this form to request conversion tools for your website. They will be ready for your review in 5-7 business days.

Examples of the tools are shown at the bottom of this page.


Conversion Tools Examples

top placement chatbox

Top Placement Chatbot

Chatbot opens in a pop-up window for a larger and standalone chat experience.

landing page example

Landing Page Example

Used for white papers or to target a specific niche (i.e. Tax Help for Expats)

tax problem tool

Tax Problems Tool

Get qualified leads quicker with more information to start.

Bottom Placement Chatbot

Bottom Placement Chatbot

Capture lead information on your website and follow-up quickly.

White Papers

White Papers

Generate leads faster with up-to-date and industry-relevant guides that leads can instantly download. In turn, you receive the lead. You are welcome to use your own existing guide (if applicable) or use one from our collection. Topics include:

  • How to Handle an IRS CP2000 Notice
  • Mastering Positive Cash Flow for Your Business
  • The Essential Guide to Small Business Accounting
  • Life Events & Tax Planning: How to Be Prepared for Anything
  • Taxes & The Gig Economy
  • How to Maximize Your Business Tax Deduction

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