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During what many are calling the roughest tax season ever, we congratulate you on the effort you have put into serving your clients. A lot has happened already in 2021 — we know you have been busy, so we just want to get you all caught up on updated features and bug fixes as well on update you on what is to come.

During this webcast, we will be sharing the latest product news, updates and trainings. Some of this may be a refresher for you. Feel free to submit any feedback, suggestions, or questions in the Q&A block below.

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CountingWorks PRO Practice are Thriving

“It has been a pleasure working with CountingWorks PRO and ClientsWhy. My website went from zero to hero with their help. I am able to conduct client meetings using the video chat option and share screens with no issues.”

Seidah S., CPA

“The staff at CountingWorks PRO were nothing short of professional and expedient in communication response. They have done a magnificent job on our website and when I need something done on my website like code entered or something that I can’t do or move to the right spot, they get it done very quickly. Thanks to all the staff that played a part in helping us to grow and have nationwide visibility.”

Robert P., CEO

“Our firm has utilized this provider’s services for many years now and I cannot begin to say enough good things about the company and their team members. They provide ideas, guidance, a professional basket full of suggestions. Best of all, based upon what we decide we want to do our of all their suggestions, they get to work and implement the ideas. Our website looks terrific and functions well. Our clients often comment about it as well as the monthly newsletters. We achieve over a 60% open rate and if we were doing this ourselves, I doubt we would get to 20%. Keep those ideas coming!”

Bill P., Founder

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