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Product News: Take Your Firm Digital with TeleAccountant™

August 19, 2020

The world moved online – with TeleAccountant™, you can too. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the disruption of workflows across the entire tax and accounting industry. Many tax and accounting firms find their staff fragmented and spread across home offices. Client interviews have moved to video chat. According to Gartner, only 25% of meetings will take place in person by 2024, down from 60% today. And that statistic was released before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As CPAs, EAs, and tax accountants, you have been forced to rethink how you communicate and deliver services. 

One area that has an immediate impact is the client meeting. Contactless engagements are commonplace and have become the preferred method for many taxpayers and small business owners. 

If you can continue developing strong relationships and trust through video chat, this creates convenience and opens up more time for both you and your client base. However, we also know there are many technical challenges and added expenses to this shift. 

How do partners manage or share multiple video chat seats?

How does video chat integrate into your calendar?

How do you securely share documents directly into your CRM?

Do my clients need to download apps beforehand?

The list of challenges goes on and on, and may have previously seemed insurmountable – until now.

Screenshot of video chat, woman smiling


Introducing TeleAccountant™ powered by CountingWorks PRO. 

TeleAccountant™ is your new waiting room and front office. We enable you to move the client meeting to the cloud, so you can service clients virtually. 

Attract new clients who are outside your locale and would not normally travel to see you. Unlock efficiencies in your calendar with easy scheduling and virtual appointment selection. 

Streamline onboarding and engagement by using our CountingWorks PRO for Trello® integration with over 20 ready-to-use digital workflows. 

Screenshot of appointment scheduling calendar


TeleAccountant™ Benefits and Features:

Two-Way HD Video Calls

Our technology is built to deliver crystal-clear, high-definition video connections, providing an in-person experience with contactless technology.

Goodbye Technical Problems 

No more special app downloads or technical issues starting a meeting. With TeleAccountant™, you can communicate in real-time directly between browsers without any third-party plugins.

Secure Document Storage and Sharing

Our secure document exchange portal lets you send and receive large files securely from anyone, anywhere.

Real-Time Messaging
TeleAccountant™ helps you and your clients collaborate as easily online as you do in person with secure messaging. All pro-to-client communication is kept in one place, so you never lose track of a message or miss an important client conversation.

Private Client Notes

Attach meeting notes to the client file that only you can see and use them for post-meeting follow-ups.

Share & Record Screen 

Easily share your screen to present planning options, presentations, and software training. 

Branded Client Portal

Keep your client experience top-notch by integrating your firm branding within the portal. 

IRS E-Sign and KBA compliance

The IRS requires an E-Sign audit trail and Knowledge-Based Authentication for all 8879 file authorizations. Stay compliant without ever having to leave your portal.

Trello® Workflow Integration

The office may have closed, but that doesn’t mean your workflows have. With over 20 ready-to-go templates to choose from, our CountingWorks PRO for Trello® workflow integration makes it easy to manage client tasks and deadlines without elaborate software cost or training. 

Calendar Video Chat Scheduling Integration 

Fill your calendar directly from your website, landing pages, and even email signatures with our integration plugin. Many of your competitors likely offer online scheduling, and it’s causing taxpayers and business owners to choose their practices instead of yours. 


With TeleAccountant™, all media streams are securely encrypted to give you and your clients peace of mind. Media streams are encrypted via Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP), and data streams are encrypted via Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS).

Screenshot of accountant's upcoming appointments


Why TeleAccountant™ is better than Zoom and other alternatives.

Zoom (like similar video conferencing tools) requires users to download their client (App) to their desktop or device and update on an ongoing basis. TeleAccountant™ is browser-based and runs on all operating systems, so the challenges and delays of getting the client updated are gone. 

Launch Date 

We launched a TeleAccountant™ BETA release on August 19th, 2020. Stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks. We have a robust product roadmap for TeleAccountant™ and plan to make contactless meetings an easy and cost-effective way for you to manage your client interactions. Click here to see TeleAccountant™ in action or watch the video below.

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