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Unlock new revenue sources and benefits by partnering with one of the leading digital transformation platforms for tax and accounting professionals.

Which Partner Program is Right for You?

Ambassador Referrals

Perfect for advocates and current subscribers who want to spread the word and some discounts with colleagues.

Affiliates & Partners

Great opportunity for software and complementary product providers looking to collaborate and drive shared growth.

Professional Organizations

The right match for CPA, EA, and professional organizations who want to gain some revenue while sharing special offers with members.

IT and Website Designers

Take advantage of our content, site editor, and marketing tools to build your clients’ tax and accounting websites.

How does our Partner Program work?

Share your trackable link with prospects, members or colleagues.

They purchase a subscription.

You get rewarded with a nice commission or discount and they save on their purchase.

Start referring to CountingWorksPRO

If you want to get more people on board with CountingWorksPRO, then share our referral link. You can do this by sending them an email, writing a blog article or posting the link online.

Update your social and business network

The pandemic has changed the way we all do business. With CountingWorksPRO’s Digital Front Office, tax and accounting pros can streamline the way they attract, intake and work with clients. Share with your network all the benefits they are looking for.

Access digital marketing assets and referral pages

Find everything you need to promote and demonstrate how our Digital Front Office can benefit your members, colleagues and network.

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