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New CountingWorks PRO Case Studies: Accountant Marketing Success

October 30, 2018

We love helping our accounting and tax clients to reach their goals, whether it be establishing a new practice, growing new client acquisition, building firm brands, or attracting niche clients. Over the past 10 years, we have proudly helped thousands of accountants and tax professionals around the country to build and grow their “five-star practices.”

Recently, we talked to some of our clients about their successes in working with us and have decided to share a few of them with you in the form of short case studies.

In these case studies, we provide some great information about these pros — including their background, their firm’s challenges, some details on what we did to help them, along with stats on some of their great results and quotes directly from these pros.

We’ve included these accountant marketing case studies on a whole new section of our CountingWorks PRO website here and you can read and download the first set of them here:

While this is just a small sampling of our client successes, these clients are doing very well and reaching their goals by partnering with us for their digital marketing and reputation building.

In this new section, we highlight a few of these new client studies:

1). Yuliya Olaru – Olaru’s Premier Tax Services, Inc.

Located in the Portland area, Yuliya has been partnering with us for several years now and has really grown her business. She was just starting out when she came to us and didn’t really know where to start. We set her up with our complete marketing package, including building a new website, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, reputation building and more.

Now she has a thriving practice and does very well in search engines as well as online where she has built a great five-star practice with lots of great testimonial reviews from clients on and

Since starting with us, Yuliya’s search engine visibility has grown 900%! She has more than 80 five star reviews and her organic traffic has grown 335%.

Yuliya says, “My business has grown significantly in the last two years since working with CountingWorks PRO.”

Read the full case study here:

2). Kelli Cox – CGC Accountants & Advisors

Like Yuliya, Kelli Cox was looking to grow a new firm. However, she knew right away that she needed help and couldn’t do it herself to get things going for her Palm Desert, CA firm.

In order to help, we set her up with a complete CountingWorks PRO website and marketing program and she’s had great results.

In just a short time working with us, Kelli’s organic traffic went up 51%, she’s added a whopping 80 new clients, and she now has more than 150 first page ranking positions on search engines!

Kelli told us, “To sum it up, during our first tax season we added 80 new tax returns! That is a big number for a brand-new firm. We are very pleased and looking forward to a bright future!”

Read the full case study here:

3). Peter W. Flournoy, CPA

With over 30 years under his belt, Peter is well-versed in tax, financial and estate planning which includes life insurance modeling and sales.

He had created his own website using WordPress and had attended lots of seminars on SEO and website promotion. However, he wasn’t able to “find the time or energy to properly get the SEO working” for his website.

We came in to help Peter, first with his TaxBuzz premium profile, and then with a complete website and marketing solution. Now, he’s added many new clients with our help, including clients finding him on and

In working with us, Peter has 76 search engine results in the Top 10, has garnered more than 30 five-star reviews and has seen an increase of more than 70% in his website traffic!

According to Peter, we “…have helped my business to create an online presence that drives new client growth on a daily basis.”

Read the full case study here:

4). Steven M. Vogt, CPA, EA

Steven M. Vogt, CPA, EA, located in Chandler, Arizona, is a full-service, tax preparation CPA firm specializing in income tax return preparation (personal and business), accounting services, business consulting services and tax resolution services.

While Steven has been practicing for over 20 years, he felt that his business had “plateaued.” So, we came in to partner with him to help supercharge his business through his website, social media, SEO and effective client email newsletters.

With our help, Steven was able to generate more than 235 new prospective client leads, garner more than 100 five-star reviews, and saw his client base more than double!

Steven commented that, “CountingWorks PRO is great in every aspect. They respond fast and work diligently.”

Read the full case study here:

5). Alexis Gallati – Gallati Professional Services (GPS)

Alexis has a boutique tax firm located in Knoxville, TN that specializes in advanced tax reduction strategies and outsourced CFO services for businesses and high-net worth individuals.

While she has been in the business for over 16 years, Alexis needed help with her digital marketing and running the website since she didn’t have the time or expertise to manage everything.

We built her a new site, provided ongoing content to her blog and social media, got her business listed on thousands of websites, and improved her SEO results dramatically. We also helped her to create video blogs and promote them across her social media.

In working with us, Alexis saw a 220% increase in organic traffic, has had more than 1,300+ website visits and has 56 fantastic client reviews.

She told us that, her “website is now on the first page of Google for my keywords. Clients love the content and my social presence has heightened.”

Read the full case study here:

We are so thrilled with the results of these clients and the many, many others who have partnered with us over the past ten years!

Look for more of these kinds of client case studies coming soon.

You can also check out our client testimonials here:

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how to ramp up your marketing or imporve your website presence, contact us today at 1-800-442-2477×3 or set up some time to speak with one of our digital marketing experts. We’re here to help!

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