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Lightning Sites:
Target a Tax & Accounting
Niche or Specialty

Google changed to a mobile-first mindset last year. With that in mind, CountingWorks PRO developed our proprietary Lightning Sites: lightweight websites that consistently rank high on Google speed tests. 

COMING SOON: Our lightning-fast, mobile-friendly websites will be loved by search engines and can help you outrank the competition organically.

It’s pretty difficult to showcase your tax and accounting expertise if your website is slow to load or doesn’t get found by prospects in search.

Our new Lightning Sites were designed with speed in mind, so you’ll organically boost your search rankings while giving prospects an outstanding user experience.

Use a Lightning Site as your main website, or choose from over 20 niche sites to target everything from expat tax preparation to IRS tax problems to cannabis accounting.

Each one can be set up in minutes for your chosen niche or specialty. When a prospect finds you online, there will be no doubt in their mind: “This pro gets me.” Stay tuned for the release date. 

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