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Reviews and Referrals for Accountants & Tax Professionals

Whether your practice is built on referrals or not, no one is exempt from the importance of reputation management in the digital age.

With every word written about you easily accessible to prospects online – and 76% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations – this is one “to do” you must prioritize.

Whether it’s searching for a restaurant, shopping on an ecommerce site, looking for a plumber, or hiring an accountant or tax professional, consumers and small business owners trust online reviews to help them in their search.

Testimonials and reviews from your clients will help build and protect your reputation and help you get found online.

Google and other search engines give preference to CPAs, EAs, and tax pros who have more online reviews.

We know firsthand the best ways to monitor and continually boost your reputation online, because we’ve been helping practices do it for over a decade.

With our CountingWorks PRO software and our consumer-facing and sites, we help you generate great five-star reviews for your practice. We also help you get more reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other sites.

Having more reviews will help you generate more business and is one of the top factors in your practice’s future success in the long-term.

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