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Digital Workflows for Tax and Accounting Professionals

As more firms are either choosing to or being forced to go virtual, it’s vital that each practice finds ways to ensure continuity with their client workflows.

However, going paperless and switching to cloud accounting can be intimidating, so we create ready-to-use digital workflows you can implement immediately to better serve your clients.

The COVID-19 emergency quickly disrupted how many tax and accounting professionals work – but it didn’t create a new shift toward digital, it only accelerated existing trends. On top of being simply inefficient, operating with distributed workforces and working from home makes paper-based or manual processes impossible to complete.

To assist our subscribers with this shift, we have developed multiple digital workflows and integrated our platform with the world’s most popular workflow tool: Trello®. 

Replacing traditional operations and processes with an all-digital system is beneficial to clients, staff, and the environment. CountingWorks PRO for Trello® lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.

Check out our example CountingWorks PRO for Trello® Workflows here:

Business Tax Preparation Workflow

Individual Tax Preparation Workflow

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