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Contactless HD Video Appointments for Tax & Accounting Pros

User experience is becoming a differentiator when consumers decide who to work with.

Making this process easy and secure is a must. We estimate that up to 50% of your clients will now prefer remote, virtual meetings versus face-to-face. We also recognize the pains of using multiple tools (and users) – like Zoom – that require downloads and aren’t integrated with your file system. 

CountingWorks PRO solves this with our browser-based video calling tool:
pre-loaded with screen share, document sharing, and much more.

The world moved online – with TeleAccountant™, you can too. 

Many tax and accounting firms find their staff fragmented and spread across home offices, and client meetings have moved to video chat. You have been forced to rethink how you communicate and deliver services: TeleAccountant™ is built to help you operate in the new normal.


Check out TeleAccountant™ powered by CountingWorks PRO

TeleAccountant™ is your new waiting room and front office. We enable you to move the client meeting to the cloud, so you can provide client services virtually.

Attract new clients who are outside your locale and would not normally travel to see you. Unlock efficiencies in your calendar with easy scheduling and virtual appointment selection.

Why TeleAccountant™
is better than
Zoom and other alternatives

Zoom (like similar video conferencing tools) requires users to download their client (App) to their desktop or device and update on an ongoing basis. TeleAccountant™ is browser-based and runs on all operating systems, so the challenges and delays of getting the client updated are gone.

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