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Yuliya Olaru - Olaru’s Premier Tax Services, Inc.

“My business has grown significantly in the last two years since working with CountingWorks PRO.”


Yuliya Olaru is the owner of Olaru’s Premier Tax Services, Inc. She has her master’s degree and has been in the industry for over 10 years. Her practice focuses on small business owners and individuals and provides all range of accounting services, such as payroll, tax preparation, business formation and bookkeeping.

What was the challenge?

Because Yuliya’s practice was in the beginning stages, she didn’t know the best way to get in front of new prospects and gain more clients. Her goal is to continue to build her clientele.

How did CountingWorks PRO help?

Yuliya did some research online and stumbled upon CountingWorks PRO. She was looking for a simple and easy-to-use website management system as well as a company that was able to assist her in creating and posting blogs for her. What was most appealing to Yuliya about CountingWorks PRO is “the whole package that is offered as well as the fact that they specialize in working with accounting customers.”

What are the results?

“In the last two years, my business has grown over 300% of what I was before I started using CountingWorks PRO services. I hear a lot of good feedback even from other peers how my online presence has changed.” She adds that she has “received more referrals and noticed a significant increase on social media platforms.” Says Yuliya, “I started getting a lot more calls as well as great feedback on the newsletters that are sent out.”


Overall, CountingWorks PRO was able to solve the challenge Yuliya’s practice was facing, which was to find the right tools to assist in building her practice to connect with new prospects and grow her business. When asked what she’s been most impressed with, Yulia said: “Everything.”

“CountingWorks PRO has worked hard and made my company look so professional and I don’t have to feel embarrassed or know something doesn’t work on my website. There have been many visited other websites to see broken links or weird information. That would never happen working with them.”

Yuliya adds, “my experience is definitely nothing I could have imagined. I never regretted that I signed up with CountingWorks PRO. I consistently talk about them with all my peers and other accountants and urge them to use CountingWorks PRO services.”

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Yuliya Olaru

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