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Peter Flournoy - Peter W. Flournoy, CPA

“They have helped my business to create an online presence that drives new client growth on a daily basis.”


Peter Flournoy has been a CPA since 1983, attainted the AICPA PFS designation in 2008, worked for a private company for 11 years and a financial planner for 12 years. With over 30 years under his belt, he is well-versed in tax, financial and estate planning which includes life insurance modeling and sales.

Peter Flournoy, CPA is a public accounting business that concentrates primarily on tax compliance and planning for individuals and small businesses. They keep up-to-date with the changing tax laws, as well as your changing life events, such as the birth of a child, a new business, new home, or inheritance.

What was the challenge?

Peter had created his own website using WordPress and had attended many seminars on SEO and website promotion. However, he wasn’t able “to find the time or energy to properly get the SEO working” for his website. His goal was to find professionals that can handle his website and social media marketing. He wanted to “improve online search results and solicit reviews from clients.” Because of this, Peter was finding it “difficult to identify and secure new clients” in order to make his business profitable.

How did CountingWorks PRO help?

Peter received an email indicating that he had an unclaimed listing and that there were clients looking for his services. He decided that he needed help with his website SEO and was interested in the social media posting and client communications option that CountingWorks PRO offered. According to Flournoy, he found the portal and related tools to be very “user-friendly and the staff to be both knowledgeable and helpful.” Partnering with CountingWorks PRO enhanced his online presence and increased his online reviews from clients.

What are the results?

Since working with CountingWorks PRO, Peter has noticed an increase in positive reviews and online presence through web searches. Says Flournoy, “my client base more than doubled during this past tax season and I continue to get new client inquiries even after the April deadline. I am expecting this growth to continue and am very satisfied with the results that CountingWorks PRO has provided.” He added that “most client prospects indicate that they find me via web search, see the 5 stars and read a couple of reviews.” By partnering with CountingWorks Pro, Peter is able to spend his time and focus on his clients while trusting that his website, client communications and social media marketing is taken care of.


Overall, CountingWorks PRO was able to solve the challenge Peter’s practice was facing, which was to outsource his website SEO, increase online presence and automate his client communications. Furthermore, Peter was “impressed with the user-friendliness of the tools as well as the social media content and knowledgeable staff.”

CountingWorks PRO was successful in assisting Peter with problem areas he found in growing his business. Peter “continues to see client growth from marketing efforts and from client word-of-mouth referrals.” In conclusion, Peter states, “I have been very pleased and impressed with my experience with CountingWorks PRO. They have helped my business to create an online presence that drives new client growth on a daily basis.”

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Peter Flournoy

Peter W. Flournoy, CPA is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) practice, specializing in tax preparation, planning and IRS tax problems. In addition, he also provides estate and financial planning services for high net worth individuals and has over 30 years of related experience.


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