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Murphy, Murphy, & Murphy, Inc.

“CountingWorks PRO helped us grow our business from a little CPA practice of two CPA’s and one secretary to eight or ten CPA’s and sixty professional and administrative staff.”


Murphy, Murphy, & Murphy started with CountingWorks PRO in 1980. Mike and Pat, two twin brothers, started Murphy, Murphy, & Co. after both beginning successful careers with Big 8 accounting firms. After a modest start to their business, the brothers’ clientele started to grow and made it clear they needed help. Karen Hillman joined the company as a bookkeeper in 1982, and quickly rose to the position of office manager. Soon after, Mike and Pat asked their father, B. Patrick Murphy, to join the company, which is when Murphy, Murphy & Murphy CPAs was born. Since then, Jim Salfity, Kristi Reynolds, and Richard Miramontes have joined their firm as partners. As of today, Murphy, Murphy, & Murphy has grown to have a staff of over 75 full-time employees and has been serving clients for over 35 years.

Murphy, Murphy, & Murphy has a full-service type of business. They not only focus on tax and accounting, but also tax planning, retirement planning, and business advisory. Mike and Pat recognized the need to get their business ready for a digitally driven world and started working with CountingWorks PRO early on.

What was the challenge?

Starting a full-service CPA firm from scratch is difficult, and Mike and Pat knew they had to “move from the paper world to the digital world.” An issue they found themselves running into was that they needed coaching on how to run their business as well as how to effectively work with their clients. Murphy, Murphy, & Murphy and their partners feel that CountingWorks PRO was “a tremendous coaching arm to Murphy, Murphy, & Murphy in terms of business, practice development, on how to deal with clients, and e-scheduling.”

How did CountingWorks PRO help?

Mike and Pat found CountingWorks PRO back in 1980 and have worked with us ever since. They are thankful that they found CountingWorks PRO because we “made it very easy to move from the paper would to the digital world.” One of the ways that CountingWorks PRO has helped them most? We “are always on the cutting edge of technology and keeping things current. Not only with newsletters, but websites, and all the services we use.” Not only has CountingWorks PRO been a huge marketing tool for their company, but according to Mike Murphy, “CountingWorks PRO has helped us train our clients, trained our staff to help service our clients, have helped us market our firm out to the marketplace, and they give us ideas on promoting and on expanding on additional services we can give to our clients.”

Murphy, Murphy, & Murphy have been able to streamline the communication process with their clients and are constantly ahead of their competition. Mike and Pat see the true advantages of their subscription, and said “CountingWorks PRO comes up with creative ideas, they’re great in marketing, great in technology, and also great in tax information for the clients.”

What are the results?

When the company first started, they used CountingWorks PRO CPE seminar work and newsletters, back in the days of physically mailing newsletters. They are now “able to do this all digitally and send out three thousand email newsletters monthly.” Since working with CountingWorks PRO, Murphy, Murphy, & Murphy “have grown their business from a two-person partnership to full-service CPA Firm.” Mike and Pat are most impressed with the fact that CountingWorks PRO has “really been a good professional counselor not only to help us in our taxes, but help us grow our practice, train our staff, and give good tax information to our clients.”

With CountingWorks PRO’s help, Murphy, Murphy, & Murphy’s website has had a 31% organic traffic increase. Additionally, they keep up a 45% newsletter open rate—highly impressive when compared to the industry standard of 14%. They also have more than 90 first page keyword phrase ranking positions on Google.


Ultimately, CountingWorks PRO was able to solve the challenge of preparing Murphy, Murphy, & Murphy CPAs to thrive in the digital age. CountingWorks PRO has helped changed the way Murphy, Murphy, & Murphy run their business. Mike Murphy echoes this when he says, “CountingWorks PRO and the people that work there are very easy to work with. They keep us updated on information, they’re super friendly, and they are very client-oriented, which teaches us how to serve our clients that much better on a continuous basis.”

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Murphy, Murphy, & Murphy, Inc.

Murphy, Murphy & Murphy has strong core values which reflect in both our Staff and Clients we serve.


Full-Service CPA Firm



Organic Traffic Increases



Newsletter Open Rate (industry standard is 14%)



1st Page Ranking Positions

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