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Jeffrey J. Quatrone PLLC

“The all-inclusive CountingWorks PRO subscription with expert SEO has benefited my bottom line and provided a steady stream of new clients.”


Jeffrey J. Quatrone PLLC, based in Phoenix, AZ, was formed as a boutique tax and accounting firm to serve clients who desire personal attention. The practice can assist clients with tax return preparation and planning needs as well as help with IRS tax problems. Jeffrey has over 25 years of experience, started his firm in 2011, and is an Enrolled Agent – the highest designation awarded to tax professionals by the IRS. Additional services offered by Jeffrey’s practice include bookkeeping, consulting, payroll services, and more.

What was the challenge?

The challenge for Jeffrey and his firm was straightforward: “I needed a web presence and a qualified company to provide SEO, as well as a client portal for secure exchange of files.”

How did CountingWorks PRO help?

After looking around for a different solution, Jeffrey was thrilled to find out that CountingWorks PRO “provided all that in one stop” for far less. As he put it, “My advertising budget has been greatly reduced. I used to spend over $15,000 a year on advertising. I now spend about $2,000. The all-inclusive Counting Works PRO subscription with expert SEO has benefited my bottom line and provided a steady stream of new clients.”

CountingWorks PRO helped Jeffrey to supercharge his online presence and SEO, increasing new users to his website by 186%. The subscription helped him to bring in more 5-star reviews as well as keep current clients satisfied through the monthly newsletter (a client favorite) and much more. When talking about the blogs automatically posted to his site, Jeffrey said, “The quality of the content published is superior.”

What are the results?

Since starting with CountingWorks PRO, Jeffrey has had almost 200 new leads. This is reflected in his website traffic as well: Before, new users accounted for around 25% of his site visitors. Today, about 50% of his traffic is coming from new organic visitors.

The comprehensive CountingWorks PRO subscription has gone even further to improve his SEO. Jeffrey’s website now has 78 new rankings for keywords and phrases, as well as 25 keywords and phrases ranking on page 1 of search results. He’s also received 28 new client reviews since starting the program, which helps him to attract more prospects and prove he is a trustworthy professional.


Overall, CountingWorks PRO was able to provide Jeffrey’s practice with his original need – SEO services and a client portal for secure exchange of files – but also so much more. As Jeffrey puts it, “I’ve been most impressed with your staff – simple as that. Very responsive, and professional and caring.”

CountingWorks PRO has been successful in helping Jeffrey to grow his practice and digital footprint, all while cutting his yearly marketing spend by almost 87%.

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Jeffrey J. Quatrone PLLC

Jeffrey J. Quatrone, EA has over 25 years of experience, so you can concentrate on running your business.


Enrolled Agent Practice



Increase in New Website Users



New Leads Since Start of Program

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