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Websites for Accountants and Tax Professionals

These days, clients and prospects expect CPAs, EAs, and tax pros to have a website that is user-friendly, mobile-optimized, informative, and professional.

The world has moved online, and tax and accounting practices must keep up or get left behind. What’s the first impression you’re making?

All our websites lead the accounting and tax industry in design, mobile-friendliness, Google compliance, security features, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine rankings, social media integration, reputation-building, and more.

At CountingWorks PRO, our team uses our industry-leading technology to create two products in the website space:

  • Thrive – Our niche & specialty Lightning Sites are built for the DIY, “let’s get this done” pros who are ready to get going. Set up a site (or several!) targeting your chosen client segment in minutes – no professional designer needed. BONUS: These sites rank 100/100 in Google Speed tests. Hello, SEO champion!
  • Scale – Personalize your digital presence with a full-service website and dedicated designer from our team of experts. Practices looking for a more comprehensive site will be thrilled to see how affordable this package is in comparison to other options on the market.
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