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8 Fantastic Ways to Attract Prospects Using Your TaxBuzz Profile

December 31, 2015

TaxBuzz is one of the biggest tax and accounting marketplace sites in the US – if not the biggest. It also happens to be pretty influential, at least when it comes to attracting – or driving away – potential clients. TaxBuzz attracts hundreds of thousands of taxpayers and business owners who are searching to learn more about existing members, or to find the best match in hiring someone new. TaxBuzz has become a trusted online source through the use of background screenings of TaxBuzz professionals and verified client reviews.

If you are a practicing CPA, enrolled agent or tax professional, you can use TaxBuzz as a tool to attract more clients and convert more referrals. Here’s a guide to help you get started:

Fill out Your Profile Completely:

Some TaxBuzz-listed practitioners don’t take the time to fill out their profiles. An incomplete profile will not get indexed as well by Google and will provide missed opportunities to attract new clients. Add your photo or logo, and include your business summary, service specialties, education, licenses and more. Confirm the accuracy of all of the data you provide. Pro members can even add blog articles and discount offers, and publicize events directly on their profile. The more robust your profile, the more attractive it will be to visitors and friendly it will be to search engines.


Add a Quality Photo to Your Profile:

Adding a professional headshot or logo will help your profile stand out in the search results and help prospects get a better picture of who you are. LinkedIn research shows that just having a picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others. A quality photo is your first chance to communicate that you are friendly, likeable and trustworthy. You want to stand out and express your personality without being too flashy.

Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of your profile photo.


Spencer Wilson

Get Reviews:

85% of consumers said that they read online reviews before making a purchase decision. Having a profile with at least 10 client reviews is the optimal starting point. You will be amazed with how valuable the reviews are to search engines in indexing your profile. The more reviews you get year-round, the higher your profile will rank. Clients often tell stories of their experiences with you. These are authentic and cut through the marketing message. They help convert prospects who were referred to you and show up when people Google your name.


Bonus: Respond to Your Reviews:

Responding to reviews is an excellent tool to engage with and learn from your most vocal clients. TaxBuzz allows pro clients to respond publicly to reviewers. Saying thank you to clients who provide you with five-star reviews shows your appreciation. And in case you receive a negative review, politely responding can help you resolve any issues the client may have raised.

Get TaxBuzz Verified:

Like it or not, in today’s day and age, fraud is rampant and a concern for any new prospect. By getting a TaxBuzz Verified Badge, you are showing prospects that you care about transparency and have passed a screening before they engage you.


Add the TaxBuzz Logo to Your Website and Marketing Material:

There is no better way to attract more five-star reviews than by actively promoting your profile. We have TaxBuzz professionals with over 85 five-star reviews. These are all from verified clients and create an unbeatable online picture of who you are and why people work with you. You profile will help inspire confidence and trust. It is also a great way to encourage more clients to share their opinions of you online.


Magnify Your Popularity:

If your clients are singing your praises, you will want your entire target audience to know that you are a great choice. Share reviews on social media, and add the TaxBuzz widget to your website. Utilize this positive word-of-mouth across all of your marketing channels.

Go Pro for Added Exposure and Tools:

Pro accounts include premium positioning in search results. This includes placement on your competitors’ unclaimed listings, city landing pages and the TaxBuzz homepage. In addition, pro subscribers get access to our automated marketing tools, including: 

  • Our monthly email newsletter
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  • And much more… 

Learn More About TaxBuzz Pro Membership.

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