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3 Crucial Steps to Start Off Your CountingWorks PRO Subscription

May 14, 2021

At CountingWorks PRO, we like to compare our subscriptions to a gym membership. When you sign up at a gym, you’re looking to receive benefits: Get healthy, be more active, etc. You signed up for CountingWorks PRO to receive benefits, too: Grow your practice, operate a virtual firm, better serve your clients, and more.

But just like a gym membership, you have to show up the first day to start seeing results. With CountingWorks PRO, that means exploring your portal and completing 3 quick steps that we ask every client to do ASAP:

  1. Upload your client database
  2. Connect your social media accounts
  3. Send a review request campaign to start bringing in more 5-star reviews

These 3 steps have one key thing in common: 

All our most successful practices have completed them already.

Client List screenshot of CountingWorks PRO portal

So, take 15 minutes to complete them as soon as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t have many clients to upload yet. Start with uploading yourself and maybe family members or friends (with permission) and we’ll work up from there.

Connecting your social media accounts is only applicable to our Social Lite and Social Pro add-ons. If you’re curious about our social add-ons, please contact us at 1-800-442-2477 x4.

Then, continue your CountingWorks PRO “workout” by going further with these bonus steps:

  • Website form – By this point, your website should be live – enjoy! In the rare circumstance that it is not complete quite yet, fill out this form to get a draft of your new website. No cookie-cutter templates here: this website is uniquely branded for your practice.

Screenshot of marketing campaigns page in CountingWorks PRO portal

  • Familiarize yourself with the portal – Your database being uploaded means you can utilize the CountingWorks PRO portal to securely share files with clients; send newsletters, custom mass emails, and lead nurture campaigns;  and much more. 

Screenshot of the CountingWorks PRO marketing library with print options

  • Attend trainings with our experts – This is like signing up for personal training at the gym. We have live expert trainings and great training videos for every part of our portal, so you can learn how to capitalize on all your resources: For example, the CountingWorks PRO Marketing Library (done-for-you content like articles, videos, etc.), our TeleAccountant™ video meeting platform, how to send effective lead nurture campaigns, and much more.
  • Manage your CountingWorks and TaxBuzz marketplace profiles – These listings for your practice are a powerful tool to collect reviews and bring in more leads. Ask us if you do not see tabs for these in your account.

Screenshot of the CountingWorks PRO portal dashboard, including ProScore

  • Improve your ProScore – Inside your portal, you’ll see our ProScore feature, which indicates how you’re performing when benchmarked against other pros. Follow the guidance listed to improve your ProScore and you’ll be a marketing expert in no time!

As always, you can find answers to all your questions in our Knowledge Base

While your CountingWorks PRO subscription is like a gym membership in many ways, there is one key difference:

It’s a whole lot easier.

Our platform is built to automate and take work off your plate. Follow the steps listed to set yourself up for success, but know that the vast majority of work needed to grow your practice online will be taken care of by us.

Ready to get started? Sign into your portal here.

Have questions? Reach out anytime. Use our chat feature in the bottom right-hand corner of your portal account or email us at

Pro advice, ideas, and information to help your practice get going and grow.

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Lauren Detweiler

My passion lies in storytelling. I start work every day aiming to convey the right messaging to the right people, and the role of content manager for the CountingWorks PRO team allows me to do that for both our company and clients across the country. After graduating university, I traveled and worked remotely across 5 continents for 3 years before finally landing in Berlin.

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